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Diversity Policy

Seaflora Skincare Inc. is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued, respected, and empowered. We believe that diversity drives innovation and strengthens our company culture. This policy outlines our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within our company and supporting diverse communities.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusive Hiring Practices:

  • Seaflora Skincare is dedicated to hiring individuals from diverse backgrounds, including different ethnicities, ages, genders, and abilities.
  • Our recruitment process is designed to ensure equal opportunity for all candidates, and we actively seek to create a workforce that reflects the diversity of our community. Representation in Marketing: • Our marketing materials and campaigns feature individuals of all shapes, colours, genders, and sizes, promoting a message of inclusivity and representation. Supporting Diverse Communities Engagement with Indigenous Communities: • We obtain approval from First Nations before acquiring government licenses for harvesting, ensuring that our practices respect and honour indigenous rights and traditions. Community Support Initiatives: • Seaflora Skincare supports local non-profits such as The Ancient Forest Alliance, The Sooke Salmon Enhancement Society, and the Georgia Strait Alliance through regular donations. These organizations work to conserve the environment and support local communities. Ensuring a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace Culture Core Values and Training:
  • We hire individuals who embody our core values of love-based interaction, sustainability, goal- oriented action, trust, and customer-centric success.
  • Our employees are encouraged to engage in continuous self-improvement and professional development to foster a culture of mutual respect and understanding. Inclusive Work Environment:
  • Our workplace is designed to be accessible and accommodating to all employees, including those with disabilities. Features include wheelchair ramps, sit-stand desks, and ergonomic workstations.
  • We promote a culture of open communication and feedback, where all employees feel safe to express their ideas and concerns. Diversity Training and Awareness: • We provide regular training sessions on diversity, equity, and inclusion to educate our employees and promote awareness of these important issues.

• Our leadership team is committed to leading by example and fostering an inclusive environment where diversity is celebrated.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

Regular Assessments:

• We conduct regular assessments of our diversity and inclusion practices to identify areas for improvement and ensure that we are meeting our goals.

• Feedback from employees and stakeholders is actively sought and used to inform our diversity initiatives.

Transparent Reporting:

• We maintain transparency in our diversity efforts by regularly reporting on our progress and initiatives. This includes sharing updates on our website and through internal communications.

Seaflora Skincare Inc. is dedicated to creating a workplace where diversity and inclusion are integral to our success. We believe that by embracing diversity, we can better serve our customers, support our communities, and drive innovation in the skincare industry.