Why Partner with Seaflora Skincare

Join our team and take pride in promoting the most effective and authentic nontoxic seaweed-based skincare available today!

Why is Seaflora different?

Seaflora is the first skincare line in the world to use raw, wild, organic seaweeds in its formulations. Not dried, not bleached, not powdered. Our seaweeds are nutrient-rich, glistening and vibrantly healthy, hand-harvested off the cold clean coast of Vancouver Island. We know you’ll feel the difference!

Seaflora uses seaweed instead of fruits and vegetables

Seaflora leads the new wave of natural beauty, reimagined.

Seaflora is real and authentic, and so are our products. The freshness and wild nature of our hand-harvested seaweeds and ocean mud is something no one can replicate. It is the force of nature, and the beauty of our wild coast you experience when you choose Seaflora.

All our Seaflora products start with a 100% pure, proprietary blend of wild, coastal seaweeds. Real, raw seaweeds infused into our skincare is what makes Seaflora different, and why we are the go to choice for authentic nontoxic seaweed skincare.

What is seaweed

With Seaflora, you don’t need to sacrifice efficacy for clean and safe skincare choices.

Seaflora uses sustainably harvested ocean ingredients such as wild seaweed and pure ocean mud from the Salish Sea to formulate unique treatments and retail products, while bridging together forest protection initiatives and ocean conservation.

How We Harvest Seaweed

Being on Team Seaflora means you will:

  • Stand out with leading edge seaweed products offering results based skincare driven by powerful ocean ingredients
  • Offer your clients effective skincare solutions for any skin type with signature treatments and at-home regimes only available through Seaflora
  • Build staff engagement, excitement and expertise with ongoing educational training opportunities, rewards programs, regional events and more!
  • Reduce overhead costs with our concentrated formulas, competitive cost per treatment analysis’, free shipping offers, regular promotional savings and special offers throughout the annual holiday calendar
  • Team Seaflora means Team Green with our commitment to nontoxic ingredients, environmentally responsible packaging and ethical sustainable harvesting practices.
  • Seaflora helps your clients feel their best with solutions to eczema, cellulite, psoriasis, acne and aging skin.

Seaflora Seaweed Benefits

You don't need science to know that seaweeds feel oh-so sweeeet on the skin. But what the heck, here it is anyway!

Load O' Minerals

Both macro-minerals and trace minerals are necessary for optimal health. And guess what? Seaweeds contain loads of both! What's more, the minerals in seaweeds are highly bio-available, aka your skin soaks them up like a sponge.


Jammin' Vitamin

Vitamin content in seaweeds is through the roof! Vitamin A, C, E and K as well as jam-packed B-vitamins are abundant in seaweeds. What does this mean for your skin? Glow + radiance only real nutrition can give.


Protein Powder

Saw whaaat! Yep, turns out seaweeds are a protein powerhouse. Usable protein content in seaweeds leaps way past that of soybeans. And hear this: seaweed protein contains ALL amino acids (take that, tofu!)


Heaps Of Good Fats

Trust me, in seaweeds, that's a good thing! ALso known as Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, these yummy plant fats keep your skin dewy and hydrated. This makes seaweeds a top choice for dry, dehydrated skin types.


Secret Stuff

Well, it's not really a secret, but seaweeds contain weird, funky and totally unique compounds not found anywhere else on earth! These novel bio-active nutrients have proven benefits for the skin.

“I was so impressed by the presentation Adam gave to Cynthia and I, about the amazing health and restorative benefits of seaweed. Without exaggeration, the ensuing treatment I received, featuring your natural seaweed products, ranks among one of the best spa treatments I have ever experienced (and trust me, I have experienced many in my long career as a travel writer!).”
– Joanne DiBona, Travel Journalist, Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), USA Today 10best.com contributor

When you choose Seaflora you join a Team! We offer so much more than amazing skincare products:

  • Retail tester program
  • Detailed cost per treatment analysis’
  • Free shipping offers
  • Marketing allowances
  • Direct customer support with Seaflora Skincare
  • Rewards program
  • Special staff product offers
  • Seaweed education and tours
  • Product Knowledge
  • Sales and treatment training
  • Seasonal Gift with Purchase (GWP) offers
  • Free product programs for your special events such as VIP days, Open Houses & Business Anniversary’s
  • Exposure on seafloraskincare.com store locator
  • Opportunities to be featured on Seaflora blog and social media

Choosing Seaflora means choosing Team Green! A choice you can be proud of!

Team Seaflora Application


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