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Diversity Staffing Report

Seaflora Skincare Inc. is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace. As a small, family- owned business operating in a rural coastal town, our approach to diversity is shaped by our unique circumstances and limited workforce. This report provides an overview of our current staffing demographics and our approach to diversity.

Current Workforce Demographics

As of 2023, Seaflora Skincare Inc. employs a total of five (5) individuals. Our small team represents a diverse mix of backgrounds:

• 2 employees (40%) are immigrants to Canada: • 1 employee from India
• 1 employee from Belgium

• 3 employees (60%) are Canadian-born and part of the immediate founding family
Given our small team size, we do not provide more detailed breakdowns to protect individual privacy. Approach to Diversity Tracking and Reporting

As a micro-enterprise with only five employees, Seaflora Skincare Inc. does not implement formal diversity tracking or reporting systems typically used by larger corporations. Our small team size and the intimate nature of our workplace allow for direct, personal interactions and awareness of each team member’s background and needs.

Commitment to Inclusivity

While we do not have formal diversity improvement programs due to our size, Seaflora Skincare Inc. is committed to maintaining an inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued and respected. Our hiring practices are based on merit, skills, and alignment with our company values, without discrimination based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, or other protected characteristics.

Future Considerations

As Seaflora Skincare Inc. grows, we remain open to reassessing our approach to diversity and inclusion. We recognize the value that diverse perspectives bring to our business and will continue to embrace inclusivity in our hiring practices and company culture.


Seaflora Skincare Inc. is proud of the diverse backgrounds represented within our small team. As a family-owned business in a small coastal town, we believe our current team composition reflects a commitment to inclusivity and openness to diverse perspectives, even within the constraints of our size and location.

We acknowledge that our approach to diversity staffing and reporting may differ from larger corporations. However, we remain committed to the principles of equality, respect, and inclusion in all aspects of our business operations.