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Vancouver Island's West Coast

West Coast Canadian Thalassotherapy

Seaflora’s vision is to bring you outstanding ocean authentic experiences to benefit your health and…

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7 Ways Seaweed Helps In Skin Repair

7 Ways Seaweed Helps In Skin Repair

Eating seaweed can help your body more than you’d know. It has anti-inflammatory properties to fight arthritis, celiac disease,…

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How to Halt Hormonal Acne with Seaflora Skincare

Hormonal Acne – Why Meee and How Do I Treat it?

Everyone will experience acne at some point in their lifetime. Wether it’s in your 30s…

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Are Healing Crystals The New Blood Diamond

Are Healing Crystals The New Blood Diamonds?

An increasing number of people are realizing the myriad of metaphysical healing benefits that may…

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Feed Your Microbiome

Stop Sanitizing – Feed Your Skin Instead

Feeding your skin may sound funny, but microbes inhabit just about every part of the…

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diet for glowing skin

Top Beauty Foods – So You Can Glow From the Inside Out

Our skin is our largest detoxification organ in our body therefore what you put into…

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shop with your values

It’s Time to Shop with Your Values

What does it mean to shop with your values? For far too long, we have…

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Rainbow at the Malahat Chalet

Ecological Preservation – Love the Trees and Seas

If you believe ecological preservation is important, you may be curious about what is going…

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Lady Bug Snail Start of Spring

The Secret to Flawless Skin is Nature!

Spring is upon us and its time to connect with nature, no matter the weather….

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Purchase with Pride: Choose Companies Who Care

When I think of winter, I think of cold, overcast skies, and it taking forever…

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fall rainbow leaves

Why Your Skincare Regime Should Change with The Seasons

You might be asking yourself right now… why is my skin driving me nuts?! With…

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Winter Skin types

Your Skin Is A Little Bit Like A Snowflake

Skin is a little bit like snowflakes. Everyone’s approach to it is different because it…

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