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corporate responsibility

What Does Corporate Responsibility Really Mean?

Have you explored the concept of corporate responsibility and how it relates to the beauty…

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Reduce herpes symptoms with seaweed

Can Seaweed Naturally Cure Herpes?

Seaweed has been used for years to help treat a wide range of infections, as…

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diet and the skin

Diet and the Skin: Discovering Beauty from Within

Skin is like a report card of how well our internal systems are working. If…

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World Ocean Day at Seaflora

What Seaflora is Doing World Oceans Day 2022

Besides being Seaflora’s official anniversary day, June 8th 2022 is World Ocean’s Day! Proposed by…

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Sooke Night market with Seaflora

Seaflora at the Sooke Night Markets!

Come meet Seaflora Skincare starting Thursday June 2nd – September 1st at the weekly Sooke…

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Top 3 Ways to Fight Cellulite this Summer

There are many things that are claimed to help fight cellulite. As summer approaches, Seaflora’s…

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Seaflora Colloidal Silver

The ‘Everything Spray’ Fischer Formula Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has an impressive history dating way back to the ancient Roman and Greek…

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Earth Day 2022

5 Things that make Seaweed Great for Earth Day

Seaweed is the fastest-growing living organism on planet Earth. At Seaflora, we use a lot…

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Organic Vegan Skin Care Made in Canada

Vegan skin care seems to be the new trend, and with the current environmental state,…

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Seaweed Allergy

Can You have a Seaweed Allergy?

Everything You Need to Know – and more Seaweed has long been a part of…

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Which Seaweed is the Best for Skincare?

What is the Best Seaweed to Use for Skincare?

Seaweed is universally amazing for anything health! Eating seaweed has been proven to be one…

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easily heal symptoms of mineral deficiency

The Easy Way to Heal Symptoms of Mineral Deficiency

In the time of Corona, health is the topic of conversation in one shape or…

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