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Seaweed Harvest

This is where our seaweed harvest takes place.

Our Ocean Environment

Windswept and wild stretches of exposed, rocky shorelines are interspersed with mature forests of Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, and Sitka Spruce. Black bears, cougars, and wolves roam as eagles spread their wings and take flight.

Lichens drape below tree branches, and green moss springs beneath tall ferns. In the absence of everyday noise, the peaceful silence is interrupted only by the chirping of birds as rolling waves crash on the beach. Mist hangs in the air and shines like gold in the sun.

Tucked in between the towering rainforest and the Salish Sea of the Pacific Ocean, the intertidal zone is teeming with life. Sea urchins, blue mussels, star fish, hermit crabs, and sea anemones populate the ridges of shale and quartz that run along the coast.

The intertidal zone at low tide is brimming with dense growths of colorful seaweed: tufts of bright green sea lettuce sway in the current, and Iridaea floats to the water’s surface, collecting light in a rainbow of colors. Orcas, otters, sea lions, seals, and humpback whales pass in the distant deeper waters.

This is our home on the pristine, wild West Coast of Canada. This is where our seaweed harvest takes place.

Environmental preservation is paramount to us at Seaflora. In one of the rare places on earth where the ocean is wild and the coastline untouched, sustainable harvesting and environmental preservation are our heartfelt commitment to the land and sea.


Every decision we make is guided by our dedication and commitment to the health of our marine ecosystem, starting with our attentive harvesting, and picking by hand, one by one. All of our seaweeds are skillfully hand-picked using a bare hand and knife, or a pair of scissors. Extra care is always taken to ensure the whole plant is never harvested. Think of it as a haircut for seaweed.

Sustainable seaweed harvesting means the methods we use guarantee the regrowth of these valuable ocean plants for generations to come.

Because We Care About Our Environment

The seaweed harvest occurs near the end of the plant’s life cycle, allowing the opportunity to reproduce. Seaflora customizes harvesting techniques for each plant species in order to leave the reproductive portion intact.

Each year, our seaweeds and ocean water are scientifically tested to enforce the strictest standards and ensure that Seaflora continues to be the world leader in the creation of pure, organic seaweed-based skincare.


Seaweed species are plentiful. These distinct groups each with their own unique benefits. Seaflora harvests a variety of precious sea vegetables, sea lettuce, algae, mud, and moss to create extraordinary elixirs bursting with health benefits.

We deeply believe in the holistic healing powers of marine plants from the cold water and rocky shores of the B.C. wilderness. There are countless other species of seaweed and algae on our planet. The shallow water and rocky shores gracing our local community of Sooke, B.C. are bountiful with these miracles of nature.

Here are just a few of the marine plants we sustainably hand-harvest and utilize for our formulations. Each brimming with vitamins and minerals crucial to optimal human health.

Giant Kelp

A most impressive member of the kelp family. Not only extraordinary in size, but overflowing with antioxidants to protect against UV rays, free radicals and other environmental pollution, in addition to it’s anti-aging effects.

Rainbow Seaweed

A beautiful species, known for its lustrous color. This species works exceptionally well to even the skin tone and address hyperpigmentation.

Brown Seaweed

Brown algae and seaweed species are loved for their cell renewal effects. Increased oxygen supply to the skin promotes cell regeneration while antioxidants promote collagen production. The result? Plump, fresh skin with a youthful glow.

Watch Us Harvest Seaweed!

Marine Algae

Including brown algae, red algae, green algae, and thousands of species. These chlorophyll-packed organisms are found across both shallow and deep seas. Packed with nutrients and proteins, perfect for clarifying and nourishing our skin.

Red Seaweed

An exceptionally hydrating species. Red seaweeds work to lock in moisture, rejuvenate skin, for a vibrant youthful glow.