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Actionable Feedback Policy

Feedback Collection

Seaflora Skincare Inc. values the input of our customers and stakeholders and provides multiple channels for feedback submission. Customers can connect with us through:
• A general submission form available on our website.
• Five publicly available email addresses.

• A toll-free number (with direct human interaction).
• Local office and store contact numbers.
• Various social media platforms, including WhatsApp and Facebook.

Review and Response Process

Our dedicated Customer Service Representatives are available to address feedback promptly. The process for reviewing and responding to feedback is as follows:

  • Initial Receipt: Feedback is received through one of the aforementioned channels and logged into our customer service system.
  • Preliminary Review: Customer Service Representatives conduct an initial review to categorize and prioritize the feedback.
  • Team Discussion: Feedback is discussed during weekly team meetings, where relevant departments collaborate to assess the feedback and determine appropriate actions.
  • Response: A response is formulated and communicated back to the customer, acknowledging their input and outlining any immediate actions or next steps. Implementation of Changes Seaflora Skincare Inc. is committed to continuous improvement and values actionable feedback that can enhance our products and services. The process for implementing changes based on feedback includes:
  • Evaluation: Feedback is evaluated for its potential impact on product quality, customer satisfaction, and business operations.
  • Testing: Proposed changes are subjected to A/B testing and rigorous internal and third-party testing to ensure they meet our high standards.
  • Implementation: Successful changes are integrated into our production processes. For example, based on customer suggestions, we introduced essential oils into some of our products, resulting in improved sales and customer satisfaction.
  • Monitoring: Post-implementation, we monitor the impact of changes and gather further feedback to ensure continuous improvement. Commitment to Quality Seaflora Skincare Inc. is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. We believe in the importance of listening to our customers and stakeholders and acting on their feedback to drive innovation and excellence in our products and services.