What Does Corporate Responsibility Really Mean?

Have you explored the concept of corporate responsibility and how it relates to the beauty industry? Corporate responsibility touches the lives of workers, customers, the environment, and more. corporate responsibility not only applies to the companies’ responsibilities, but also the ethics that drive the activities and operations of that company. The same ethics and responsibilities apply to you too as a consumer! This blog will provide some tips on how you can incorporate those values into the way you buy.

Personal versus Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a term that many companies use to describe their commitment to society and the environment. Though, what does it mean for you personally? Corporate responsibility is the social responsibility for the actions of a company and its employees. This doesn’t mean a company donates all it’s profit, but they make sure what they do has a good impact on society. In a similar fashion, this applies to you too! By supporting local companies committed to ecological preservation, you in turn help that goal as well.

At Seaflora Skincare, we believe in the ecological preservation of our environment. Year round we donate to 3 local non-profits. They are focused on what we think are the most important areas to effectively protect our delicate ecosystems and temperate rain forests. On top of monthly donations, we focus on The Sooke River Jack Brooks Hatchery, The Ancient Forest Alliance, and The Georgia Straight Alliance individually during select months of the year for larger donations.

Why is Corporate Responsibility Important?

In our current climate crisis, it’s important now more than ever before to support the companies who are making a difference. You can help make a difference in many ways! Consider choosing a charity to donate to on a yearly basis. Instead of throwing away that old shirt, try to upcycle! Recycle, cut down on red meat, and try biking to the store once or twice a week instead of driving. There are so many ways to turn corporate responsibility personal. Do your research and get creative!