4 Reasons to Reset your Skin with Natural Seaweed Skincare

Seaflora is the world’s first skincare line based on USDA certified organic seaweed. Actively combining elements of thalassotherapy with hand harvested, wild seaweed to create a non-toxic beauty option for anyone! Using natural seaweeds from the pristine Salish Sea, Seaflora is committed to the preservation and promotion of thalassotherapy: the healing powers of wild seaweed, ocean mud, sea salts, and even the marine environment for health, beauty and wellness. With monthly donations to the Sooke Salmon Restoration, Georgia Straight Alliance, and the Ancient Forest Alliance, Seaflora aims to preserve the unique ecosystem surrounding us while brining you a completely non toxic, genuine beauty option made from natural seaweed.

The Salish Sea encircles nearly half Vancouver Island – the birthplace of Seaflora Skincare

The Natural Seaweed Harvest

The seaweed harvest occurs near the end of the plants life cycle, allowing the opportunity to reproduce itself. Seaflora actively uses 8 types of seaweed for over 30 products with customized harvesting techniques for each seaweed in order to leave the reproductive portion intact. Each year, our seaweeds and ocean water are scientifically tested to enforce the strictest standards and ensure that Seaflora continues to be the world leader in the creation of pure, organic, seaweed based skincare.

Seaflora’s Sustainable Hand-Harvesting Practices with SeaEO, Adam Butcher

4 Reasons to Treat your Skin to Natural Seaweed

1. Seaweeds are the richest mineral and vitamin source in the plant kingdom

With 10 – 20x higher concentrations than any land plant, seaweeds are a natural carrier of many vitamins, minerals and essential skin-loving nutrients! Some products contain added vitamins C, E, A, K, and B complex, while natural seaweed already contains these – and MANY more – in much higher, bioavailable concentrations.

2. Mineral content in seaweed ranges from 20-40% per 100 grams compared to 5-10% per 100 grams in land plants.

Calendula, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel all have amazing healing powers, but when added to seaweed those extra beneficial nutrients are amplified! Alone, these land plants could never compare to the super healing and restorative powers of seaweed.

3. Seaweeds bathe in mineral-rich ocean water creating the most highly mineralized plant form on Earth.

Bathing in and soaking up all of the beneficial minerals and nutrients from our pristine West Coast, Seaflora’s natural seaweeds live and thrive in these water until the day they are sustainably harvested by Seaflora. Having their whole lives to soak in some of the cleanest waters on the West Coast, these saltwater algae are one of the best options for natural, raw skincare.

4. In seaweeds, minerals are absorbed directly from the ocean in their ionic forms.

In short, using a product with nutrients that are already in ionic form means your skin can soak up those essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and much more just like a sponge. This is beneficial because the active components and skin-loving nutrients can penetrate deeper into the dermal layers, giving you a noticeable difference after the first use.