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Are Healing Crystals The New Blood Diamond

Are Healing Crystals The New Blood Diamonds?

An increasing number of people are realizing the myriad of metaphysical healing benefits that may…

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Feed Your Microbiome

Stop Sanitizing – Feed Your Skin Instead

Feeding your skin may sound funny, but microbes inhabit just about every part of the…

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diet for glowing skin

Top Beauty Foods – So You Can Glow From the Inside Out

Our skin is our largest detoxification organ in our body therefore what you put into…

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shop with your values

It’s Time to Shop with Your Values

What does it mean to shop with your values? For far too long, we have…

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Rainbow at the Malahat Chalet

Ecological Preservation – Love the Trees and Seas

If you believe ecological preservation is important, you may be curious about what is going…

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Lady Bug Snail Start of Spring

The Secret to Flawless Skin is Nature!

Spring is upon us and its time to connect with nature, no matter the weather….

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Rosewater Spa Oakville

A Spa Partner Spotlight on Rosewater Spa

Rosewater Spa of Oakville was created in 2000 to set a new benchmark for personal…

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Drift Spa at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort

Drift Spa at Black Rock Oceanfront Resort – Spa Partner Spotlight

Located on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Drift Spa offers scenic views of the…

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The Beauty Chair a partner of Seaflora Skincare

The Beauty Chair Inc. Spa Partner Spotlight

Our vision here at The Beauty Chair is to rise above and beyond industry standards….

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Seaflora Activists

The Ancient Forest Alliance

5% of all online retail purchases at for the month of May will be…

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An award-winning moisturizer that not only gives supreme hydration, but reduces the appearance of dark spots and discoloration.

A Healthy Way to Reduce Melanin: Seabrightâ„¢ Moisturizer – for hyperpigmentation

Reduce melanin naturally with Seaflora’s scientific discovery in unique kelp bioactives, that treat and prevent…

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Prenatal Skincare

Pregnancy Skincare Routine: Ingredients to Embrace and Avoid

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) reveals that an average woman uses 12 different skincare and…

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