What is Graceful Aging?

Simply speaking, when dermal degeneration happens, it means that you get wrinkles. With all the advancement in technology today, for a price, it is more than possible to achieve a youthful appearance at any age! The question becomes, what are the best, safe and natural options to achieve successfully slowing down the aging process and attaining a youthful glow throughout more of our lives?

Age related dermal degeneration includes; dermal atrophy, collagen deterioration, reduced cell turnover and a decline in the DNA repair mechanisms. Of course, we have the common knowledge of hydration, eating well, getting plenty of rest but do we just sit back and superficially monitor the wrinkles, bleach the dark spots and consistently visit the Medi-Spa? How can we achieve what we really want instead – graceful aging?

We all know that between 35 and 40 if you wish to see positive physical results from your workout routine you must go all out and kick your own butt on a regular basis. A competitive athlete is a perfect example of results that may be achieved with calculated physical activity paired with precise nutrient modification. Why would cellular function and dermal systems be any different?

What is Graceful Aging?

What is Thalassotherapy?

Thalassotherapy turns to natures own abundant regenerative nutrients that push our longevity possibilities. Bathing in nutrient rich waters encourages “dermal gymnastics”. Working the skin like this is achieved through mass cellular regeneration, enzymatic suppression, protein modulation, collagen/elastin stimulation and DNA repair, leading to optimal graceful aging! Thalassotherapy calls upon your spirit and open-mindedness to fathom the possibility that seaweeds and sea water can be used as organic medium is capable of balancing human internal environments. When we were young our skin knew how to auto repair, and so regeneration was a natural occurrence that happened rather quickly. Thalassotherapy is a system of natural routines, simple rituals and maintainable daily practices, clearing cellular toxins that get in the way of optimal cellular activity, so skin can get back to glowing again!

Thalassotherapy is the therapeutic use of seawater, seaweeds, sea mud and even the ocean environment to promote a healthy ageing process through self-care rituals that help nourish humans back to their natural state of balance. Thalassotherapy is a traditional preventative therapy that emphasizes self-preservation treatments and curative approaches and actually sits at the heart of the history of medicine, pharma curatives, medical treatments and spa techniques. To this day, France’s health care system still covers thalassotherapy treatments as a preventative treatment for many illnesses.

How to do thalassotherapy

Plato, Aristotle and Hippocrates all proclaim the curative and healing powers of the ocean through the taking of the waters. In the centuries following these great thinkers, knowledge of the powers of the waters would increase and spread. This natural know-how would stir up European water wars and invoke holy water. Dr. Richard Russell wrote a book in 1750 that proclaimed of the waters of Europe “a cure for all that ails of modern man”. This theory would give Dr. Renee Quinton, the scientific validation to verify that sea waters’ composition closely matches Mammalian plasma. For the next 200 years, seaside mania would ensue. Some may even argue that the water “madness” never truly ended.

Thalassotherapy blends beauty and health to create a unique longevity strategy that cultivates youth, well-being, personal self-confidence and a life long positive body image. Originally developed and adopted by the French as a preventative health option and natural wellness lifestyle, to help with graceful aging, thalassotherapy enjoys a rich French history that is over 200 years old. In the early 1800s, main stream France recognized sea bathing as a therapy that was beneficial to the body and crucial to longevity, health maintenance and healing. By 1869, the term thalassotherapy was commonly used and the treatment was considered a viable healthy living practice. The use of seawater, seaweed, sea mud and other sea resources that included the marine climate were approved as medical treatments that rendered medicinal effects. It is estimated that 500,000 water lovers will still enjoy these ancient Thalassotherapy treatments in France this year alone.

Ancient Roman Baths used the elements of Thalassotherapy

How To Do Thalassotherapy

The main component of seawater is sodium chloride (salt), but it is also rich in minerals and trace elements. Immersion in warm seawater allows those minerals to pass through the skin. Thalassotherapy utilizes sea mud for exfoliation, seaweed for skin nutrition and preservation, and sea therapy bathing rituals to reveal a healthier state of mind, body balance, and improved overall health. Thalassotherapy turns to natures own abundant regenerative products that can play a whole role in pushing your longevity possibilities.

Going a few feet into nutrient-rich ocean waters and rubbing the skin with sea mud encourages dermal gymnastics! The skin is the best way to detoxify the body and stimulate a sluggish lymphatic system. Utilizing raw, organic kelps, through diet and or topically applying them to the skin, offers the body an abundance of readily bioavailable nutrition. The ocean water is capable of balancing your plasma through osmosis.

Graceful aging is achieved through: mass cellular regeneration, enzymatic suppression, protein modulation, osmosis, collagen/elastin stimulation and DNA repair. During Thalassotherapy treatments flush toxins from the system and stimulate cellular activity. When the clutter, dirt and toxins are removed, it gives way to optimal cellular performance. Skin is the largest organ of the body and serves as an indicator of harmony within the systems. When things are clean, nourished and active, the system simply works better!

It is entirely possible to slow the aging process with proper nutrition and programs that turn to Organic mediums for regeneration. If we can diminish bad health and improve physical conditioning through exercise and proper nutrition then it is entirely possible to sustain beauty and maintain our youth via self-preservation rituals and self-care routines. If we can shift the aging process beyond a passive inevitable state, maybe we can offset age associated disorders and avoid the frail elderly years altogether.

Detoxification and Aging

Science has verified that just like health and well-being, youth and beauty can be manipulated through detoxification and dermal nutrition therapy. Reversing aging is our new health and wellness frontier, and defying age is the name of the game! It is possible to improve your metabolism, eliminate cellulite, reduce and prevent hyperpigmentation, and reduce signs of aging while slowing the aging process by detoxing the body and then putting your skin on a superfood diet and kicking its little cellular ass!

What you eat has a strong relationship with how young you look and sound. As a result, detoxing your body is as critical to your anti-aging efforts as it is to your overall health. For example, removing toxic chemicals from your system makes your tissues healthier, improves blood flow, increases oxygen levels, improves the health of your skin, makes your hair healthier, and improves your mood. All these things make you younger – on the inside and outside.

An anti-aging detox is one that concentrates on eliminating toxins that hasten the biological and visual ageing process. Removing these toxins improves your appearance and helps you not only look but also feel younger. Small positive changes like eliminating bread, sugar, and alcohol are strongly suggested to improve your health and slow the aging process.

The liver is one of the organs in your body that is primarily programmed to remove toxins. However, the rate at which your body can eliminate toxins varies, and most people experience a build-up. Toxins can accumulate in your body as your lifestyle becomes more unhealthy, and gets trapped in fat cells. As a result, manual detoxes such as exfoliating the skin over the entire body on a regular basis is one of the safest options.