The Easy Way to Heal Symptoms of Mineral Deficiency

In the time of Corona, health is the topic of conversation in one shape or another no matter where you go, who you talk to, or what you watch! At Seaflora, we close the door on fear and focus on love-based thoughts and ideas. In this blog you will learn the most common symptoms of mineral deficiency, and the easiest way to be pro-active in protecting your health and improving your cellular performance!

We are all connected, and mimic the globe we live on, being 70% ocean water. Did you know that the human plasma and ocean water are less than one molecule different from each other? Ocean water contains all the essential minerals and trace elements the body needs to be at optimal cellular health! If you took healthy white blood cells and put them in ocean water they would function normally for up to 6 weeks without noticing any difference.

Science has proven that just about every mental and physical ailment can be traced back to a mineral deficiency. The human body needs 102 minerals for optimal health. Seaweeds are the most highly mineralized plants on Earth, bathing in a substance liken to human plasma transferring minerals in ionic form.

An extract of seaweed, called alginate, is used in Transdermal patches you might be prescribed by a doctor. Think of a hormone patch or even a nicotine patch you get at the Drug store. The alginate is able to penetrate the acid mantle and builds the delivery system through the dermal layers to the blood stream. 

So, we have this organic superfood, that is a complete meal replacement, is perfect cell food, and builds a delivery system into the bloodstream. It offers 92 of the 102 minerals needed, all the vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids, carotenoids, and so much more. Seaweeds are literally a complete meal replacement that offers everything the human body needs for optimal health and optimal cellular performance. We sustainably hand-harvest and minimally process up to 9 species of wild, organic seaweed as our base for each product.

Then we add other food grade and or certified organic ingredients, that compliment and emphasize the goals of the product. To preserve the products, so they have a shelf life of 2 years, we utilize a food grade preserving system of Rose blossom extract and Ethyhexylglycerin. Salts and Oils are also utilized as preserving systems in products that allow it, removing the need for any extra preserving ingredients.

The founder of Seaflora Skincare likes to say, “Vancouver Island is a gift, wrapped in seaweed!” Sustainably foraging a sustainable natural resource, that is superfood for the human body is what the world needs right now. We need to be pro-active with self care and commit to taking responsibility for our own health. What easier way could there be to re-mineralize the body, than simply switching your personal care products?

Image from Dr. Jockers. It is a great infographic that ties together the deficiencies with symptoms. Even just applying Wild Sea Kelp Body Lotion every day can help deliver all the vitamins and minerals your body needs for optimal health.

The average person is dehydrated, and mineral dificient. So if we can hydrate the body, and re-mineralize naturally, there is a positive mental and physical shift that takes place. Our products are designed to deeply detoxify, through exfoliation, and through the kelp’s ability to stimulate micro-circulation (B Complex). Which oxygenates the blood and brightens the skin with (Vitamin C). Soften the skin barrier (Vitamin E), and reduce wrinkles (Vitamin A1/Beta-Carotene). These nutritional benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. Here is a much fuller list of the benefits using raw, organic seaweed skincare on your skin.

Using Seaflora Skincare is an easy way to absorb rare nutritional uptakes like Vitamin K, folic acid, and mannitol. You don’t need to change your diet, buy expensive supplements, or incorporate nasty tasting tinctures. It is great if you can eat seaweed as well as apply it topically to the skin, although it’s not easily available everywhere nor as delicious as one might hope! So simply switching to Seaflora Skincare is the easiest way to heal symptoms of mineral deficiency.

Seaweeds also offer natural skin photo protection due to naturally occurring MAAs. Not only that, but they suppress the enzyme responsible for melanin production, Tyrosinase. We developed Seabright Moisturizer , with the help of the team at the  National Research Council of Canada. The research was to prove Seaflora seaweeds efficacy at suppressing the enzyme tyrosinase. The results were that compared to kojic acid and arbutin, Seabright Kelp Complex was more effective at even lower concentrations. 

Please note:

  1. Seaweed and kelp are the same thing.
  2. All seaweeds are algae, but not all algae are seaweed.
  3. Seaweed only grows in Sea water, ocean water, salt water, never in fresh water.

If you are going to use seaweed as the easy way to heal symptoms of mineral deficiency, be sure to know where it comes from, how it was harvested, and what other ingredients are in the product. Live well and prosper!