The Beauty Chair Inc. Spa Partner Spotlight

Our vision here at The Beauty Chair is to rise above and beyond industry standards. We are not just a salon and spa, we are also a learning centre, creating a culture of growing, coaching and mentoring team associates to create a positive, successful, team oriented environment while providing each Beauty Chair guest the ultimate celebrity experience. We offer a wide range of services to renew mind, body and spirit. Our current service menu includes:

  • Hair Services 
  • Kids, Corporate & Private Ladies Spa Parties 
  • Private Wig Services 
  • Skincare Treatments 
  • Body Treatments
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Waxing Services   
  • Aesthetics Services 
  • Makeup Services
  • Massage Therapy 
  • Medical Aesthetics 
  • Microblading, Blade & Shade 
  • Micropigmentation 
  • Lash Extension & Treatments
  • Reiki Sessions   
  • Emotional Code Sessions

We believe in achieving amazing guest results by using clean and healthy products. Seaflora‘s organic skincare line has a product for every age and skin type. We educate our guests and encourage them to be knowledgeable of the ingredients in skincare products that they apply on to their skin. At The Beauty Chair we are confident that we will improve any skin concern.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on to it. We believe in products free from chemicals, parabens and toxic ingredients. At The Beauty Chair we deliver results by believing the natural process and this is why we choose  Seaflora as our partner in skincare.  Our passion drives us and we share the same mission as our Seaflora partner, to provide clean, healthy result driven products and the absolute best customer service. The perfect fit and our #1 choice. 

Speechless! Results after 30 days of guest using Seaflora Seabright™ Moisturizer Sun spots diminished and skin brightened. ?

Guest: “My skin has never looked this healthy and bright!”

Seabright Moisturizer before and after picture
Seabright™ Moisturizer is a MUST HAVE natural skin care product! Look at the 30 day results!
Seaflora Facial at The Beauty Chair before and after
Acute case of Malia’s on the face. What a transformation after only 2 sessions!
Sea Therapy Facial Cleanser, removes impurities without drying or irritating sensitive skin. Organic seaweed is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and beta carotene (becomes Retinol A) to help diminish the signs of aging. CoQ10, Hyaluronic acid and Botanical extracts work to hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin is soft, toned and supple.
Sea Therapy Eye Contour Gel, rejuvenate skin around the eyes and mouth with our fast absorbing gel. The combination of seaweed, CoQ10, hyaluronic acid and malic acid (nature’s AHA) hydrate, brighten and diminish fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye tissues. Dark circles and bags disappear.
Seabright Moisturizer, has a potent combination of unique kelp bioactives tyo decrease melanin and target hyperpigmentation, age spots, acne scarring, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles.

Diana’s guest treatment intervals were every 3 weeks along with Seaflora’s home care using Foaming Fucus Cleanser and Rich Laminara Cream. Guest is also using Potent Sea Kelp Exfoliator once a week which draws out impurities, brightens skin complexion, and removes dead skin cells.

Guest: “I can’t believe I have no more scaring and how clear my skin looks!”

Seaflora Facial before and after picture
Diana’s results are impressive with improving breakout and scarring. 3 week intervals of facial sessions. Seaflora’s Foaming Fucus Cleanser and Rich Laminaria Moisturizer get rid of acne fast! Once guest breakout improved Diana switched her moisturizer to Seabright Moisturizing Brightener to target scarring and brighten the skin. Now the guest is using Seaweed Body Gel as serum after Sea Spray Splash Toner to relieve skin irritations, inflammation and redness. Skin is hydrated and rejuvenated and much improved elasticity. Once a week guest uses Potent Sea Kelp Exfoliator which draws out impurities, brightens your complexion, and removes dead skin.

Diana’s incredible results by helping young teens battle with break outs! Microdermabrasion and Ultrasound Facial using Seaflora’s Foaming Fucus Cleanser and Rich Laminara Cream. One treatment and using Seaflora’s skin care products for 3 weeks, look at the amazing results!

Seaflora before and after picture
This teen battling break outs, was no match for Diana (The Beauty Chair) and Seaflora Skincare!
Microdermabrasion and Ultrasound Facial using Seaflora’s Foaming Fucus Cleansing Concentrate and Rich Laminaria Moisturzier. One treatment and 3 weeks of Seaflora and look at the amazing results! Seaflora is #1 Choice at The Beauty Chair with good reason!

At The Beauty Chair Inc our favourite product from Seaflora’s skincare  is Seaflora’s Seaweed body Gel. The Beauty Chair’s liquid gold! Seaweed Body Gel is a staple face and body lotion for the entire family.  It’s healing properties are incredible and endless!  This product demonstrates the beautiful healing power of seaweed. Our guests often ask “What does it do? We answer “What does it not do?” At The Beauty Chair we recommend Seaweed Body gel for absolutely everything; As an face and body lotion for children and adults, ANY skin irritation, sun burns and after sun lotion, burns, irritation or scarring. Also highly recommended for the healing of bruising, cellulite, hives, improving circulation, joint pain, razor burn, heat rashes, Eczema, relieving the itch from mosquito’s bites, post waxing lotion, and the list goes on and on! Here is one example of the power in Seaflora’s Seaweed Body Gel

Seaweed Body Gel
Seaweed Body Gel is amazing, liquid gold!

Super healing seaweed power! Guest returned from holidays with a severe infection from a cut.  Seaflora’s Seaweed body gel was used and look at the amazing healing results in less than a week!

Guest was astounded by the results and now highly recommends Seaweed body Gel .

Take a look at the amazing results The Beauty Chair has achieved with the combination of our specialized facial treatments using Seaflora’s Skin Care line

Seaflora facial before and after picture
3 weeks of using Seaflora Skincare. No mediation required to achieve results.

“This is why I love my job by far with true results using my #1 choice, Seaflora Skincare.” – Diana Piazza

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