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I went to Black Rock Resort because that is where a tour I was going on was meeting. While I was waiting I used the washroom and washed my hands. We were outdoors a few hours and I kept noticing how soft my hands felt. In fact, I ended up calling Black Rock to inquire about the hand soap in the bathroom and they told me it was Seaflora Skincare, made locally on the island. Wasn't long after I was emailing Seaflora and asking them to sell me a Gallon. This is the first hand-soap I have ever used that made my skin feel so soft and as I am aging, I am really keen on keeping my skin soft. I have a feeling soon, I will only be using Seaflora for all of my Skincare needs.
I am so glad I got introduced to Seaflora products; here in Malibu, CA... Thank you Andrea, because I have tried so many other products, and never have I ever felt, looked, or relaxed in such a way as I have with these products. I have now purchased mainly all items to help with my hyperpigmentation... (But, not limited to only that problem area...) I have the gel, the lotion, the bath salts, the small box which has a whole lot of different products within a product [Sea Results Sample Routine]... I got rid of almost all of my high priced, commercially sold creams, lotions and "soaks". These Seaflora products feel fantastic on the skin... they soak in so quickly with no oily feel, and most importantly; they have made an extraordinary change to my hyperpigmentation and eczema, which is now non existent... I'm totally sold on this product. So worth trying if you are "thinking about it".
I have been using Sea Flora products since I encountered them at a spa in Toronto about 7 years ago. I am chemically sensitive, so it was great to find a line of products that I can use. I love the Sea Foam Cleansing Concentrate - it takes my makeup off and feels great on my face. I also use the Wild Rockweed exfoliant. It has grit and seaweed in it and cleans out my pores - without micro plastics!
We have been using Seaflora for over 10 yrs. Love the products, if I wander to experiment with other products my skin starts to crave the seaweeds again. The skincare keeps my redness and rosacea calm. It heals skin beautifully. Our favourite product as always been the Seaweed Body Gel. I never travel without it. It helps heal burns and other skin irritations. Then they added CBD to the gel, creating the Healthy Healing gel. It helps heal skin and reduce pain as well. Now, I have to have both. The Healthy Healing Gel in case of emergencies and the Body gel to prevent burns and help heal minor bumps and scrapes.
I discovered Seaflora on my 60th birthday while at a spa in Parksville. Now I will not use anything else on my skin. The Sea Splash Toner is the one product I would not be without. It’s an all in one!!! The bath products are amazing too! Thank you for your great products and your conservation support too!
Seaflora creates the most remarkably decadent skin products. My absolute favourite way to experience this decadence is to initiate a spa day; where I pamper myself from head to toe with Seaflora. I am a huge fan of the Rich Laminaria Facial Moisturizer. Very light and nourishing. The Camomile & Lavender Seaweed Soak is a definite must, for the ultimate in relaxation! Mermaid vibes abound.
I love this product line! As I have sensitive and combination/ acne prone skin and have struggled to find a brand which can meet all my needs. Seaflora exceeded my expectations. Not only do the products help calm my skin and prevent break outs, they also help slowly fade some of my old scarring. I also love that the ingredients are sustainably harvested from the ocean outside my front door. I look forward to continuing my relationship with this amazing local, eco-minded brand.
I love seaflora! I have sensitive skin due to psoriasis and hormonal acne, as well as aging skin. I have been using Seaflora regularly on my face for about a year, and I have seen dramatic improvements in the texture and quality of my skin thanks to the powerful antioxidants, and all natural ingredients. The body gel is great at healing sunburns and eczema!
I've been using Seaflora products for years. Beautiful products that even my hyper-sensitive skin doesn't react to. They smell good, they leave my skin feeling amazing, and I keep coming back for more. So worth it! And as a bonus you are supporting a lovely independent company in a tiny town.
The Netherlands is experiencing a hot tropical Summer. You were right about using Seabright Moisturizer at daytime. Protects from elements and perfect under makeup. I wait +/- 10 min before applying sun product. My skin looks smooth and calm. No redness at all. My coworkers say,  "Your skin looks amazing!" and "What happened you look 5 years younger!" Love Seaflora 🙏❤️
Every night I’m like I MUST REMEMBER TO TELL CHANTELLE HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS CREAM. And then I forget because… well life. So thank you. This cream, Seabright, is literally amazing! I find myself taking the time to give my skin some extra well deserved love. I massage it into my face and it’s truly a way to give myself some self-appreciation and self care. I had a small like rash or something that has been around for months, (I think maybe from my bra rubbing and it being hot?) anyway, put some cream on it and within 2 days it’s GONE. MAGICAL. Seriously. So thank you, from my skin and from me ????
Thank you Chantelle for taking the time today for such in-depth product knowledge. Training today taught me a lot! I now know what to look for and suggest to clients, and convinced me it is time to switch product lines for myself going forward! Looking forward to future trainings with you and meeting you in person!
I bought the La Mer Christmas Sample Set expecting to have a Day and Night type of experience. I didn't have that with La Mer, but I did with Seaflora! Thank you for the sample packs for the staff. Our personal experiences with the products has made it so easy to sell Seaflora to clients at the spa.
We just received our package and we are over the moon to see our review printed on your packaging. It's honestly such an honour to know that a company such as yours appreciates and supports our little business so much more than we ever could have imagined. That being said we have been going back and forth with ideas on how to create more sales with our online store which in turn would benefit you as well with us increasing our purchasing. We have recently hired a virtual assistant that will help us with a big portion of this problem. However we felt reaching out would maybe create a brainstorm of ideas as we hope our Canadian economy can get back on track and of course benefit our amazing product lines as well. Our goal is to get as much of your products out to the public across Canada. We are constantly in conversations with clients making the change to support organic and local companies - suggesting Seaflora fits in perfectly every time we have these conversations!
A couple months ago my girlfriend Leanne introduced me to an amazing locally (Sooke, BC) made skin care line called Seaflora Organic Thalasso Skincare. I’m usually sceptical when it comes to skincare lines, I have tried them all believe me. When Leanne said they had sample packs, I thought why not, I have nothing to lose. Well, I was hooked by the third day of using the anti-aging pack. I placed my first order, during these crazy covid time and could hardly wait to get full size products to arrive at my door. I received my order, fast, nicely packaged and a nice surprise, few new sample packages for me to try. I love this line, and reached out to the company to see if I could promote their product. They said sure so I have my own personal code, to share with friends! Everyone needs to discover Seaflora!
"A hot seaweed bath with candle lit Meditation is my kind of night too!! Good job! So far I am completely in love with every product and a new customer for life. I am so impressed with how well my skin responded to every product. This is the best line of product I have ever tried, and I have spent a lot of money on a lot of other regimens over the years. I left a review on your site with the same sentiments and I look forward to getting everyone I know hooked on Seaflora too! I will most likely place another smaller order this week before we leave for a few months. Thanks so much Chantelle!"
I have struggled with hormonal acne for years and tried nearly everything - from facials to essential oil treatments to get rid of it. I was always disappointed that it never helped. A few uses of Seaflora, and my skin began to transform immediately. A month later, my skin was flawless. My pores are smaller, my skin has an even tone and I can finally be skin confident again! Seaflora is all I use on my skin. I'm never going back to anything else!
My sister and I are loving our recent order!!!! Her skin was having problems, rashes, and ever since I bought her Seaflora she has been healing and healing. I swore your products would be the trick to her healing, and they were! Bravo Seaflora!
I’m loving the results of your skincare products over a year into using them! At 34 I have the best skin I’ve ever had!
I’m a painter, window cleaner, and fishing enthusiast. When I was given Seaflora’s healthy healing gel, I was hunched over and could barely walk. My wife put a few mL of Healthy Healing Gel from a sample on my lower back - IN SECONDS - The inflammation went down, the burning sensation disappeared and I straightened out upright within a minute! I got online and bought three bottles immediately and use it every day now! I’m free of the debilitating inflammation and pain
I've been using the Sea Therapy Gift Set and the Body Gift Set regularly and I love them! I have really sensitive skin and its difficult to find things that I can actually use. No doubt I will be repurchasing continuously!
I have lived in many Countries ( Canada, USA, France, Switzerland) and have tried many countless products. I am impressed with your line, not only for its commitment to a holistic, non-toxic approach, but for the results I have seen personally from its use. I am a holistic Nutritionist and have a group of 5 Nutritionists who work with my company advising clients not only on what they eat, but lifestyle, stress management and incorporating as many natural, non-toxic products into their lives. I think Seaflora would be a great complement to our success.
So now that I've taken more of a sales approach with Seaflora and I'm selling about $200 - $300 a day. My Gel post has me almost sold out! Selling Seaflora is truly is helping pay my lease at the moment and is a life line. I have a strong client base and reach within many groups. Sold 3 brighteners today, gels flying off the shelf and serums are gaining speed.
Thank you so much for your reply. I have actually tried some of your product, and have been using it for about 3 months. I have a cleanser & toner, and have tried samples of the gentle polish, eye gel, Rich Laminaria & Sea Therapy Recovery Gel.  I have also just finished a full Sea Therapy Hydration Treatment, and while I enjoyed it, I’m thinking your recommendation of the Seabright Moisturizer might be a better way to go, coupled with the Potent Sea Kelp Masque. I do have to tell you that I have an integrated physician, who energetically tests every product I put on, or in my body. I have been searching for over three years for a skin care line, and yours is the first one (other than organic coconut oil), that tests strong for my skin!  So thank you!  I’m so excited to carry on with it, and finally give my skin what it needs! Looking forward to seeing and feeling the effects too! Thank you also for the discount, as I am unable to work during the Covid lockdown, so it will really help.  I will place my order online, but want you to know that I will also continue to support your product at Akasha’s Den in Oakville, Ontario.  They are doing a wonderful job of promoting your line!
I would love to work with you! Thank you for your amazing products, they are the only products that have ever resolved my eczema.
Chantelle, I have tried all of the wonderful samples you sent me and I have had amazing results with the Sea Therapy Intensive Restorative Treatment.  It has rejuvenated my tired, dry winter skin and I believe it’s made me look a bit younger as well ;) I still have a some left, but I’m going to put an order in today for a 30 ml jar and also the Sea Therapy Refining Polish...I’m not sure why I haven’t tried the anti-aging series before now.  I’m in my mid 40 ‘s, so I can use a bit of help. Amazing products.  It’s no wonder I’ve been using nothing else but Seaflora for more than a decade.
When I use Seaflora, my skin instantly feels happy and loved. I've been using Seaflora for years, because it is the best, most effective natural and organic skin care I have ever found. I don't look my age, and have never had work done or injections or anything like that, and being a professional hair and make up artist, that helps my clients trust me more!
I am always looking for Canadian made products and I’m so happy to support Seaflora! I use at least 7 Seaflora products on a regular basis, most from the anti-aging series.  I love that the products are clean and unscented, and leave my skin feeling nourished.  I am very satisfied with the results! Refining Facial Polish is a favourite and leaves my skin feeling especially soft. Great products, local company, excellent customer service!
Hello Beautiful Chantelle, The feelings are very much mutual.  It so very easy and wonderful to sell Seaflora, and my staff absolutely love it!  Send us some of your sun and ocean air! I am a communicator and like you always listening to my clients in appreciation for more awareness in perfecting what is already perfect!  Because we are perfect at all times! ?​ I feel the love you have for us and it is indeed very much the same right back. Your kindness, free promotional material and samples are received with gratitude from your heart to my heart.   I look forward to getting to know everyone at Seaflora… so far Danielle and Veronica.  Look forward to on site training too. My second order is received this morning and looking forward to unpacking it and getting it on our shelves!
Chantelle contacted me to do some Graphic Design work for Seaflora shortly after starting with the company. I had worked with her in her last business and had an established professional relationship. Doing the work, I had to do a little research and discovered, many people have found relief of their skin issues by using these products. I let Chantelle know I suffer from eczema and she sent me Seaweed Body Gel and Wild Sea Kelp Body Lotion. Well, it worked on me just like it had in the testimonials I read, and I can't live without these products now! You try so many products and start to lose hope and become cynical, and then you try Seaflora and suddenly everything is right in the world.
My hands are doing amazing with the Healthy Healing Gel! For the first time in a very long time, when waking up and pushing myself off the bed, my hands don't crack and instantly hurt as they normally do. I've tried everything, and nothing has worked except Seaflora, and that is why I Love Seaflora.
Ahhh!! My skin has been freaking out about the oncoming winter and I've had such a crummy weed so this purchase is the highlight of September for me!! There's so many products I haven't tried yet, your line has gotten impressively vast. I think I'll try some cleansers next time... this time I am really looking forward to trying the Eye Sea Relief Serum.
Completed my first sea salt glow treatment this morning. My client was so moved she cried at the end! She was so thankful, and her tip showed!!!
I gave my first seaweed facial today, and she LOVED it!! Your products are so easy to work with and everyone loves them!
I've been using the potent seaweed serum for several years and cannot live without it! I use it year round under a moisturizer. It really plumps up the skin and makes it feels soft and supple! My friends who are in their 50s are busy getting botox injections and they suspect I do the same. Honestly, I do not - it's thanks to this serum!
I was with my boyfriend at an Ayurvedic Doctor appointment in 2007. he had serious back acne. The Dr. gave us a bottle of Wild Rockweed Exfoliator and told me to rub it all over his back and then shower. The next day 1/2 of his zits were gone! So I used it on my face, and experienced the same help! Seaflora won my heart! When I opened my first spa, my dream came true, when I filled it with Seaflora.
LOVE the toner! I think it's my favourite Seaflora product! The feel of it is so different than other toners... like a gel feel. So soothing!
Hey Chantelle! Great to hear from you and thank you for your free gift you sent. You can't imagine super special you've made (make) me feel. Your customer service goes beyond. You're also right, that's its been crazy busy but that's no excuse, as we're all busy with our lives one way or another. I must say, that your gift was and is amazing. One night I came home, totally exhausted and after sitting there for a bit, I went hey, I know what I'm going to try.... and I reached for it, put it on and whoooooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and wow, wow, wow is all you heard. It was totally amazing. Next thing, I knew after coming back down from the sky, was my husband's foot on my lap asking for me to put some of it on him. His words, really, is it that good? And then, is all you heard was …. oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!. Absolutely, unreal. A huge thank you Chantelle! It's like you knew I needed this! I too, would love to chat again with you. Makes me smile when I think when I first spoke with you. I'll be in touch. Thanks!
I've been using the Sea Therapy Intensive Restorative for almost 5 years now. The last time I also purchased the Sea Therapy Refining Facial Polish. It is almost like they took my favourite moisturizer and put ocean mud in it... made my skin even more bright, healthy and glowing.
I have been using Seaflora Skincare products for a long time; as an aging male, I need to make sure I age well keeping my wrinkles down to a minimum. Seaflora Skincare has done just that for the last 5 years, so I find myself returning to Seaflora for all of my skincare needs.
I'm honoured to have this business in my community, their customer service skills are outstanding! When you walk through the door of this establishment you are immediately greeted with friendly faces, open arms, and beautiful skin on smiling faces! Anytime I have ever had any questions or concerns, Seaflora has immediately responded with excellent guidance and knowledge. Thank you for all of your support and for outstanding, incredible, holistic products!
After two weeks of 1 application per night for 14 days straight, you can see the difference is dramatic! Amazing results with Seabright Moisturizer and being in our 60's, we are astonished! Thank you Seaflora, for a safe way to brighten our skin, and restore a more youthful appearance so quickly! My hands look ten years younger, Nigel's face looks ten years younger. I've used many products in my life, but never have I seen such dramatic results so quickly. Truly astonishing!
My wife bought me Seaflora's Healthy Healing Gel after reading some reviews from people on Facebook. I can testify they are making an incredible product actually works! the moment I applied it to my hips and knees, I felt almost instant relief. I had to try it again the next day, still in disbelief before thanking Adam and Chantelle at Seaflora - haha! Working in construction is hell on your body, but I will continue to use this product and as a result have a better quality of life.
This stuff is the real deal! Got it for my aches and pains and the moment I applied it to my knees I felt instant relief! Very impressed with Seaflora Skincare's Healthy Healing Gel!
To me, it's black and white. Either it's healthy or it's not. Canadian organic skin care is hard to come by, so I appreciate a local, sustainable, healthy skin care line, especially right in my home town. I read labels. I look up ingredients. I care about what I put in and on my body, and my children! When we came back from vacation a few months ago, I bought Seabright Moisturizer. A healthy way to brighten my skin after too much sun and an uneven tan is like skin care right from the Gods. Amen Seaflora, you rock!
I love Seaflora! I use it everyday on my skin to this day! Since the first week I worked at Drift Spa @ Black Rock Resort and used the products in treatments I quickly realized what a completely incredible product it was.  Not often at all do you come across a natural product for the skin that makes a positive healthy change in the skins condition. I live in Ucluelet and am surrounded by the ingredients, which creates this magic! Couldn’t be more fitting for me!
The Potent Seaweed Serum works great for summer. Clears my skin, minimized my pores. I love it! i have dry skin so it might not work for dry winter days. This is a must have product when my skin is oily or sensitive.
The texture is light and blendable. My pores are noticeably smaller, and less visible. After a week of usage, the skin is softer and looks more radiant.
I love this serum! It's really been helping with my tightening of loose skin all over my body: underside of arms, belly, inner thighs, etc. I'll keep using it because the results are outta control!!!!
I had cystic acne especially around the jawline and especially around my time of the month. I spent so much money trying to fix the issue, and nothing worked. I tried a Seaflora regimen sample bag I picked up at the Health and Wellness Show in Vancouver. The Cleanser was gentle yet powerful. Didn't leave my skin tight or dry, felt soft and supple just like the description said it would! Impressive! Never have I used such a natural exfoliant. Ocean mud? It was seriously intense, however, once again my skin was not tight or dry afterwards. Never have I ever experienced nicely hydrated skin after exfoliating. Just awesome. The toner was a game changer for my skin too... I don't know how this toner does it, but my skin is Always clear now! Sometimes I don't even wear moisturizer, I just wash, exfoliate, tone, and go. All the nutrients of the seaweeds (which is the main ingredient in every product), the astringent witch hazel, the soothing aloe, and the brightening Vitamin C are perfection. I will never use another line, unless Seaflora one day closes it's doors. If you haven't tried Seaflora Skincare, I think it's about time.
I've used every brand in an effort to get my acne under control, Obagi, Eminence, Dermalogica, Comfort Zone, Osea, Phytomer, Dr. Renaud, SkinCell, SkinMedica, Oil of Olay, Neutrogena, Avene, Clearasil, ProActive, NeoStrata, LaRoche, Vichy, Clinic, Spectro Gel,  and many more over the course of 20 years. Nothing made my skin awesome, most products just made it angry, red, and full of breakouts. I didn't want to try Seaflora, cause i didn't think it was high end enough because it was super affordable. In my experience, the more affordable, the angrier my skin! Funny but true. More than that though, I had never heard of Seaflora Skincare so I didn't trust it would work. I started with the unscented Sea Foam Cleansing Concentrate, and a little goes a long way with this cleanser. I liked that I didn't need a lot, and my skin felt clean afterwards but not tight (for once!). It feels really nice on the skin and pulled all my toxins out within a few days. I am saying Yes I broke out from using Seaflora face wash, but only for a few days... and then it stopped. They weren't big painful pimples either. They were tiny white heads. Even as my skin was breaking out, it was softer and younger looking at the same time. As soon as I incorporated the Toner, my breakouts stopped. Sea Spray Splash Toner is a fun name, and I started to feel happy during my skin care routine, because my skin was quickly transforming! In fact, I was starting to GLOW! Witch hazel, aloe, seaweeds, and vitamin C... uhm yeah this toner is MAGIC!! Next I completed the regimen with Rich Laminaria Moisturizer. Even during my monthly I no longer have hormonal acne, or breakouts ever. I can't thank Seaflora enough. Honestly have cried happy tears while meditating, as I am so grateful for my amazing, healthy, glowing skin! I now have totally perfect, super soft, youthful skin. My pores have shrank noticeably, the beta carotene has erased my fine lines, neck and cleavage crests, and I have rarely touched make up in the last 5 years now. I have recently switched to Seabright Moisturizing Brightener, instead of the rich lam, and I must say, I'm shocked at how well this product works, and am eager to report, still no breakouts! You guys are amazing! Not only am I still acne free, my sun spots are completely gone in only a few weeks... take a bow Seaflora... take a bow. Everyone comments on my bright, glowing skin. Thank you for my skin confidence, I owe it all to you.
I was very, very excited when I ordered because I love organic products and seaweed is so nutrient filled. I've been using the Sea Kelp Softening for years, this time I tried the Deep Sea Moisturizer. After only 2 days, my skin feels tighter, and super silky smooth! This product doesn't smell like seaweed at all. Actually, it smells so nice, I use it on my hands too so I can smell it more, haha! It's awesome that the smell doesn't irritate my sinuses too like Eminence or Skinceutical products do. It's not heavy but it does leave a slight film over the skin, which I like. Makes my skin feel protected and works as an excellent make up primer. So far this moisturizer seems to be hydrating enough for my incredibly dry apartment now that winter has come. My face is also slightly glowy, but not in a greasy way. The bottle is great, comes with a pump, and it delivers a relatively equal amount of product each time. As usual the label is pretty and definitely has the refined appearance of a high-end product. I'll update my testimonial when I have a few months with this product under my belt.
Seaflora Skincare has done wonders for my skin. I introduced their line to my staff and we are all using it, for the years we have been in business. It has bonded us, truly. We all have sensitive skin, including redness issues. The body products are out of this world, seaweed and ocean mud scrub Wild Rockweed Exfoliant, has cured my ingrown hair problem. Detoxifying Fucus Body Wash is the only product I have EVER been able to shave with and it not hurt or burn. The Wild Sea Kelp Body Lotion is the only moisturizer I have ever been able to slather my body in and not have any adverse reaction to... it's rich and luxurious. While I really love the products smell and feel, the best part for me is, no break outs!
I am loving this whole line! Been using it since 2009 and although they have changed over the years, they always improvements! I noticed the Toner is a bit different when I purchased it this month, it now has a nice rose smell. It hasn't turned brown yet either, and with the old formulation it would have started to darken by now. When I called they told me, they have upgraded the type of Vitamin C they are using and upgraded to an even healthier food grade preserving system. Gotta love Seaflora, their genuine journey to bring health and wellness through skincare, comes through clearly over their social media, phone and email interactions, and their formulations. They are so nice, you know instantly they are Canadian, and what a wonderful way for us to support the Canadian economy, help preserve the environment, and be skin confident!
I started using Seaflora products about 4 months ago. Since then, my skin has transformed. I have extremely sensitive skin, acne prone, and combination skin. Seaflora is one of the rare lines that I've tried that doesn't irritate my skin, it actually soothes it and feels nice.  I use their Ocean Authentic Cleansing Concentrate, Sea Spray Splash Toner, Balancing Serum, and Rich Laminaria Moisturizer on a daily basis and get told I glow where ever I go! When I stray from Seaflora, my skin starts to turn red, the pores would look angry, and my skin would produce more oil. I don't know how their products work, but Seaweed seems to be the best skincare ingredient ever. My skin loves it! I am very glad I have found this line and would recommend it to anyone with sensitive skin, or just looking to attain healthier skin. I love the Rich Laminaria moisturizer, but I don't find it hydrating enough in the winter, so I use Sea Therapy Intensive Restorative Moisturizer during winter months.
Sea Spray Splash Toner is the perfect toner. Gives you a smooth, shiny complexion with natural organic ingredients and a proven combination of proven efficacy and effect. Organic Seaweed Elixir ™ Toner is a perfect tonic for oily skin with an anti-oxidant vitamin C for a very good price. Thank you Seaflora, I put this product in my article as one of the top ten toners in the world. 
The Salish Sea Vitality Treatment at the Willow Stream Spa at Fairmont Empress, is my ALL TIME FAVORITE SPA TREATMENT! Adam Butcher of Seaflora Skincare not only told us why organic seaweed is one of the best things to put on your skin, he allowed us to smell, see and touch it ourselves. It is not smelly or slimy. It actually feels extremely refreshing on your skin. Some of the benefits of seaweed skincare are detoxification, mineralization, balancing of pH level, lowering inflammation and promoting overall health. Just knowing that it was both sustainable and the best choice for organic skincare, made me eager to receive a spa treatment with something foraged so near a luxury spa. When you visit The Fairmont Empress Willow Stream Spa in Victoria, you must reserve the Salish Sea Vitality Body Spa Treatment. With the knowledge of locally-sourced sustainable products doing their goodness on your body soon — your anticipation will be rewarded. Your seaweed journey began in the waters off Vancouver Island and is now partaking in an invigorating body scrub. While the seaweed is working to remove impurities from your body, you will be tempted to drift away as if at sea yourself … but stay awake since you would not want to miss a moment of this extensive authentic experience which also includes a nourishing full body wrap. The wrap insures your body can soak up all the power of the Seaflora seaweed gel from head to toe. Seaweed chamois will be placed strategically inside your wrap on areas to get a more potent result. While you are relaxing in the wrap, a scalp massage ensures your total relaxation during this coastal journey. After your wrap, you will be lead to a multi-head shower with your seaweed chamois to rinse off. Once done, return to the warmth of your massage table and experience one of the most detailed and skilled massages in North America. My German massage therapist released my tension better than anyone had ever accomplished. She slathered my dry skin with the nourishment of the sea kelp lotion. The result of these antioxidants and vitamins refreshed both my body and my soul. I departed with some seaweed chamois of my own to take home.
Skin pH is a key factor in your skin barrier homeostasis, integrity, and antimicrobial defense… Recognizing factors that alter skin pH and selecting products that preserve the acid mantle is of prime importance dermatologic patients. Seaflora is not just a skin care manufacturer that uses sustainable superfood resources; they are chemists, scientists, marine biologists, generational seaweed harvesters and nutritionists developing the most pH perfect, nutrient rich and bioavailable skin care, right here in Canada! There is no other skin care company out there on this level of perfection!
I've used Sea Spray Splash Toner almost every day since 2007. Love it!
I just ordered another bottle of Sea Spray Splash Toner. It's amazing! Started using it in November and will never go back to anything else!
I love the Sea Foam Cleanser, it’s so gentle! I just coat it on my face then busy myself with other things for a few minutes to let it soak in. Leaves my skin so soft!!
I learned of Seaflora Skincare at the Vancouver Wellness Show in 2019. It's rare to find an amazing Canadian skincare brand that cares so much about the environment, and is so transparent of their ingredients. I tried the Holdfast 3-5 day regime, and the Seabright Moisturizer I bought. Never in my life have women given me the 'Evil Eye' or seemed jealous of me... until now!! I notice women hating on me lately, and if they aren't hating on me, they are praising and complimenting my skin!! It's easy to see what is going on here, my skin is so healthy and glowing, they are literally jealous! So thank you Seaflora, you made me so beautiful I got the evil eye a few times since I started using your products!
There are no word to express how blessed we are to have such great support and acknowledgment from Seaflora. To be able to use your incredible product to help our guest to feel their best is an honour. There are many personalities to work with and challenges at times but we are extremely grateful for your kindness and constant support.  That's what makes you our #1!!! The Beauty Chair strives to set a different standard in the beauty industry. We want to create a positive culture within our staff, educate our guests and give them the absolute best results and experience. That starts with you, Seaflora along with our other partnering supplier Redken (hair). You both rise above all our expectations in comparison to any other suppliers and have helped us grow our business by giving us the tools, and the support to kick ass! So the BIG Thank you is to you Chantelle and your Seaflora team for the amazing support and YES we are definitely into working on some marketing projects together! Always!
I am so happy with my Seaflora products. I can't thank you enough! The texture of my skin is so smooth and soft and I have much less acne, it's pretty much gone now!! And the marks are so much less visible because of Seabright! I had a period of breakout about a week into using the products but I am thinking my skin was purging what may have been trapped in my pores. Third week with your line and I'm beyond grateful for such an amazing Canadian company,  making amazing products. Thank you Seaflora!
Glowing Skin! Two weeks into my new skin care routine, Seaflora Skincare has made my skin bright, healthy and glowing. I can't stop touching my skin! I know it's bad to touch it all the time, but I can't stop, it's so smooth and soft! I love companies that give a S*#t, what a great company, they took the time to reply in detail about the products I chose... thank you.
Well what service! We had our order in 2 days I think! Wonderful. We have found our account manager Chantelle to be eager, knowledgeable, pro-active and extremely helpful. Having tried the Seaweed Body Gel, we will be adding that to our store soon!  We have had no trouble understanding the product line and selling it (sells itself really).
Thank you for always responding so quickly. I have been using Seaflora products for a few years now and recently started to order directly from you online. I love the line and use many of your products because they are the best! With love, light and gratitude, Mary
Thank you very much for the appreciation gift of Sea Therapy Eye Contour Gel!  Never have I dealt with a company like Seaflora!  So many things I love about Seaflora, from the outstanding products, excellent customer service and being Canadian.  The day after my gift arrived a guy at a mall kiosk stopped me to try his eye serum.   I wouldn’t touch it and told him all about Seaflora.  Perhaps I need my own Seaflora kiosk!
Hello Barb and Seaflora Skincare team! Your beautiful gift of lotion and samples arrived the very day we got back into our home, after three months on the couch at my sister's house. You cannot imagine the work which has kept us so busy here and distracted me from writing to you immediately. The floors had to be refinished, hundreds of boxes of personal goods and furniture returned after renovations and cleaning, finding where to put everything again, etc etc. It has been a kind of on-going nightmare. We are having a terrible time with the insurance company, not unusual from what I have heard from friends. My broken foot is out of the cast, but I am still limping around, and now we are both in bed with the flu! This has been quite the year for us. Anyway, laying here in a feverish state today, I finally remembered to write to thank you for this absolutely lovely and kind gift you sent to us of our favourite lotion! We were so taken aback with this beautiful and generous gift, we both actually cried! We really needed something good to happen, and here it is, this random act of kindness from you! We are thrilled with the samples too. Wow, this is so, so generous, I am just so sorry it has taken me this long to write to thank you. You really are special people and we will never forget how good you have been to us all along. We actually saw your products in a store in Hillside Mall, Sutubra, and made a big fuss about how we LOVE it and how good it is, how nice you are, etc. I have still not got around to trying everything we purchased last time. I keep forgetting to take my glasses with me into the bathroom to read which bottle does what, so I am using the obvious bottles. The little ones are harder to read and so I end up not trying them yet. So far, my favourites are still the ones we bought from you at Saanich Fairgrounds- the seaweed body gel, wild sea kelp body lotion, and the softening facial moisturizer. We also like the scrub and mask. Like I said, I haven't really tried the others yet. I need time to sit down and maybe mark them with a pen so I'll know which is for what. Anyway, please accept my apology for writing to you so late, and also my deepest gratitude for our favourite lotion you sent! Today, while in bed, I should try the eye mask, might be just what I need! I hope your business is going well and that this email finds you happy and thriving. You certainly are very special people, and we are very glad customers who appreciate you in every way. Many, many thanks.
Since we began our partnership with Seaflora in 2017 they have consistently amazed me with their willingness to collaborate and provide support for training needs, events, media visits and so much more. We have worked very closely with Seaflora this year to provide an amazing and truly unique west coast experience to many, many, guests which has significantly elevated the profiles of Willow Stream Spa, Fairmont Empress and Seaflora. Our west coast experience begins with a visit to Whiffen Spit in Sooke, where our guests were educated about seaweeds by the Seaweed Lady (and Seaflora founder) herself Diane Bernard and her son Adam Butcher. The Seaflora team provides guests with boots for the beach, walking sticks and many different types of seaweeds to learn about, touch, smell and even taste! Diane and Adam take guests on an adventure through the low tides to learn how to identify different seaweeds, learn how they grow, how they reproduce and how they are harvested by hand. Guests then returned to Willow Stream to experience one of our Signature Seaflora Salish Sea experiences. We wouldn't have been able to offer these incredible West Coast experiences without the collaboration of Seaflora and their enthusiasm and advocacy for our oceans. On top of being incredibly supportive with our media guests, they are equally supportive with any and all spa needs. They provide outstanding spa support for training, staff events, new product ideas, new treatment protocols and so much more. They are such a pleasure to work with on top of producing a totally clean, high quality, effective professional thalassotherapy spa line for body and face.
Your product line is very extensive. The seaweed element gives your products a very different feel! I particularly like the exfoliators and the moisturizers.
Hello Barb & The Seaflora Skincare Team, Thank you so much for the Intensive Restorative Treatment gift and samples!  This was so thoughtful and I believe the first time any company has sent me a lovely surprise gift life this. I love your products and feel good about using them as I know they are good for my skin with the healing power of the ocean’s seaweed and good for the environment.  As well as wonderful products your customer service has always been excellent. Thank you again for your generosity. With gratitude, Linda Cool
Thank you for the loyalty gifts! I love your products! What a great surprise to receive the serum and other goodies.  I had just came back from Australia and New Zealand for the past 6 weeks, and they served me well there!! So thank you for the gifts, what a pleasant surprise to come home to!
I had burned myself pretty badly with a flat iron. I tried to keep it clean, but it got infected and I had to take antibiotics. I have a Bachelor's Degree, Honors Specialization Nutrition and Dietetics, and I work as a clinical nutritionist at Wharton Medical Clinic. It was one of the Doctors I work with who suggested and swears by Seaflora's Seaweed Body Gel. I have been using it for a little over a week and my wound is healing better than any wound of mine has ever healed. The healing benefits of seaweed are real, and I am excited to research that further in my own practice.
My daughter Olivia had a wound that got infected. She had to go on anti-biotics and the whole bit. A Doctor she works with recommended Seaflora's Seaweed Body Gel. I visited the closet retail distributor on their store locator, but it was sold out, so I called Seaflora. Chantelle was great, she called the next closest retailer and made sure they had it, and I went to Rosewater Spa and picked it up, and Olivia is doing much better!! Chantelle not only called to check up on us a week later, but after hearing my testimony, used it to enter us in their next free product give a way and I must admit, I am excited at the thought of trying more Seaflora products!
Oh My God your products are amazing!! Thank you for sending me the week regime trial samples! I can't believe I waited so long to try your products, I've just always been stuck on Eminence, they have been my Go-to for so long. After only a few days of using Seaflora products my dry patches on my forehead and around my nose are completely gone. My skin is noticeably more even, glowing, and healthy! I shared some of the samples with my sister cause I was amazed by them, and she is hooked now too! Clients have been telling me I glow and that my skin is radiant, and I proudly boasted it was all because I did a 7 day trial of using only Seaflora for my whole regime. Only took two days before the compliments started. Incredible product performance!
We absolutely love your products and would recommend them to any of our clients with trust that we are providing them with a beautiful, clean, organic addition to their everyday regimen.
I was very interested in your product line because I love that all your products are natural. Having worked with a few clean skin care lines in the past 5 years, I've seen good results with organic products! After I received some samples to smell and try, I absolutely fell in love with your products. They don't just deliver good results, they deliver Excellent results!
Your product, Seabright, is remarkable! After using it for 2 days and my skin felt Young again. As a cosmetologist I have been giving so many products to try over the years and literally gave up trying to find something I LOVE, so this product is very exciting to me. After 4 days using this product, I no longer needed to use foundation on my face to make my skin look even and I have a noticeable light shimmer (glow or shine) throughout the surface of my skin. My face feels younger, softer and healthier. My skin feels beautiful!
I love Sea flora products. Great quality local skin care. ❤
I wanted to thank you for helping me select the correct products, such a wonderful team, you even sent samples! My products arrived two days after placing my order and I am back in Heaven. A couple of months without Seaflora has made me extremely appreciative for your excellent quality products! My husband and I can't get enough of how soft my skin is when I use Seaflora Skincare products. I tried your suggestion of mixing the masque and the exfoliant - oh my! I love each product individually, however the combination is my new favourite! Thank you again for making your fabulous products available to the consumer, outside of the spa experience and outside of Canada for that matter. If you ever need a testimonial, just give them my number! I'd be happy to share my experiences with your team and products that have grown this utter adoration for Seaflora Skincare.
Seaflora Skincare is organic, Canadian made, and it's from the Sea. The sea can be a healing place to look at as well as using the benefits of it on your skin. Seaflora has always supported my small business, never once been pushy or demanding of my sales. They are always willing to answer any questions and always helpful over phone or email. My clients appreciate the products being organic, pure, from the Ocean, very healing, and made in Canada. My clientele say their skin feels really great after one treatment, and often purchase, to continue feeling this way in their skin. Over time, the products continue to pull out toxins and keep the skin healthy and glowing. Using Seaflora for your skincare routine means no more rashes, itchy skin, tight dry skin, etc. We all love the feel of our skin now! It's Canadian, and I am very proud to be supporting a Canadian company that does so much to help our environment. I have been to training sessions in Toronto a few times and each time I am reminded of how hard you all work at the product development and to protect the environment. i like to hear Diane's story. I like to hear the details and actions taken to protect the oceans, forests and environment. Diane's husband is a Marine Biologist and her son Adam is a local Seaweed Harvester since teenage years. The whole family is educated in related fields, experienced and well accomplished environmental activists. Like a family affair that really cares! I came to Sooke on Vancouver Island and toured a few years ago with Adam, we went to the Salish Sea and had a tour of the shore, it was a wonderful experience. Anyone offered a seaweed tour should take it! I would like to share as well that 3 years ago (2014) I went thru Breast Cancer and I did have to close my business for a year and a half while I was gong thru treatment and while I was recovering but during my recovery I continued to use Seaflora Chamois, salts and skin care on surgical areas as well as areas that had been radiated, because it was healthy, soothing, and healing for me. I have since shared that with women who are going thru the same experience. I trust Seaflora enough that during that time of being skeptical of many products, Seaflora was always at the top of my list. I would like to add that once I started back to work, Seaflora just considered me right back to where i was before. I didn't have any feeling of wondering why I hadn't ordered in so long, and that I was still one of their good customers and I thank them for that. Coming back after a leave is quite a transition and Seaflora was an easy one. I hope this testimonial letter shows from my perspective that I consider Seaflora Skincare and their team an OUTSTANDING Canadian Company, I am proud to partner with.
I received my gift today, thank you! I'd really like to commend Seaflora on their Excellent customer service! You've done a great job from being responsive, to sending the quick replacement, to (of course) my gift. Just wanted you to know that it did not go unnoticed and I look forward to keep ordering from Seaflora in the future. Excellent products and excellent customer service are not an every day duo!
Finally, something that lives up to it's name! The Sea Kelp Softening Facial Moisturizer really does make your skin feel soft. I use it as a facial moisturizer mainly, but it doubles as a quick hand moisturizer when I'm on the go. I only need the smallest amount for either my hands or face. The bottle lasts forever! It is lightly scented and the smell is addictive, I love it, my wife loves it too! Let's be honest, she uses a lot more product than I do, and it's not like me to write a review, but, I had to, because I would be greatly disappointed if you didn't know how great this product is and discontinued it. It's not heavy and I don't even notice it once it's on my skin. It absorbs really well and fast leaving no residue like almost every other moisturizer does. It's a great little workhorse!
I use the Oil-Free Body Polish on feet before a warm bath whenever they are sore, but mainly I use it on my hands. My hands dry out quickly from constant washing due to my job. All I have to do is rub a little of this only my hands and arms and then wash it off. Instantly my hands are soft and I don't have to worry about how they look or feel. I get so many compliments on how soft my hands are from customers, friends and just about any one I shake hands with! I pair it with some Sea Kelp Softening Facial Moisturizer and I'm good to go! I love the colour of it, and it doesn't leave any smell or residue. It's one of my go to products.
The first thing that drew me to the Ocean Botanical Iridaea Exfoliator was the look. I love how you can see all the ocean mud and the color is beautiful. Exfoliating beads are in all of the exfoliators I've used before and I am never actually sure if they biodegrade or not. That's not a concern with this exfoliator since it uses ocean mud as the exfoliator, which comes directly from the ocean. it's not a harsh exfoliator. It doesn't hurt my skin or make it very red. I love the texture, it really adds to the ocean therapy theme. It doesn't make my skin feel tight; instead it feels light and refreshed. I absolutley love the smell of lavender and it fits so well with the chamomile. If you're not a fan of the "seaweed smell" of the original or you just want something new and fresh, the Ocean Botanical version is for you!
Thank you Barb! Although I didn’t receive a phone call today, Purolator did leave a parcel pick up notification and the location is relatively close by, so I should be able to pick it up this weekend. Thank you for your concern. Once again, I am so grateful for your amazing customer service!
Good morning Barb and the wonderful “packers”! I just received my pkg. via Loomis and wanted to thank you all for the super service and kindness of you, Barb, when I call in! Your knowledge and advice about the products help me tremendously! Never once had a questionable experience with Seaflora staff or products.
Just a little thank you the wonderful staff at Seaflora! First, to Barb who is always lovely and helpful on the phone. Then to Katie and Linda for packing my order with love and care! The very best days to all of you!
Thank you for the quick delivery of my internet order! My Moisturizers arrived today, with three other samples. I am most curious about the Balancing Sea Kelp Concentrate. Cannot wait to get home to try it!
When my daughter came down with chicken pox I was not prepared. It was too late to go to the Pharmacy so I began to try various remedies in my medicine cabinet. Nothing was working and the itching was getting worse. I decided to try a bit of the Iridaea Masque, just to see and it worked! Relief was immediate. Over the next few weeks I gave out samples to my friends who tried it on their spotted children, it worked every time, relieving the itching and aiding in drying up the spots quickly.
I am 60 years old and have used a multitude of facial cleansers and creams over the years. I recently switched to the Seaflora products and the results on my skin are unbelievable! The occasional skin breakouts that I used to experience are a thing of the past. My skin has never felt so clean nor has the texture ever been so even. I am thrilled with the results I am seeing with these products and highly recommend Seaflora Skincare to all!
If you’ve ever wondered about what it would be like to have unblemished and soft, itchless and rashless skin, well, I can tell you it’s like a miracle. And it’s just around the corner for you to try, too. It comes as an odorless, natural, seaweed body gel, easy to apply and inexpensive to obtain. I bought some to take home with me and, lo and behold, after applying it (3-4 times a day) for about two weeks, my eczema vanished!
I received your travel gift package as a Christmas gift from my grandma and granddad when I came home to visit during the holiday season and it is FABULOUS! I have been using it sparingly so each jar will last longer…I dread the day I run out. Thank you for producing such natural and true-to-nature products that last and address the daily needs of hard working skin. Keep up the hard work!
The Potent Seaweed Serum goes beyond anything else I have ever tried. It feels fresh – not greasy at all – just lovely on my combo- oily (mature, 53 yr old) skin. I have looked at other seaweed skin care lines and their seaweed listing is not even near the beginning. Maybe that’s what makes it so special. Love my Seaflora products, and will never need to try another line.
I had a chance to try a mini-facial this past weekend using your products. Normally my skin is so sensitive that there is not much I am able to use but your products are truly amazing. My husband (who also had the facial) loved the Iridaea Light Facial Masque so much he bought it. (we’ll be fighting over it!)
I recently received my order of body lotions and body gels and was delighted to find the 3 mini samples of Hydrating facial serum, potent seaweed facial masque, and potent seaweed exfoliant in the package! They are so cute! What a treat, thanks so much! My skin feels like butter!
I have been in love with your product for about a year now. It helped my skin heal after a chemical burn from another product. I have been using your products ever since! I get complimented on my skin all the time and my acne has ran for the hills!