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Beechwood Hair Brush & Scalp Stimulator with Wooden Pins

$29.00 available on subscription


Seaflora is here for you, body and hair. There’s no going back once you’ve added the best wooden hair brush to your arsenal of hair care equipment!

Plastic hair brushes aren’t just damaging to our environment, they can also be really hard on your hair and scalp. How many times have you reached for a hairbrush just to have it tangle in your hair, scratch your scalp, or frizz out your locks? Seaflora says, “no longer”! Our natural wood hair brush is here to save your hair.

  • soft on your roots (no more pulling!)
  • excellent for smoothing unruly hair
  • stimulate your scalp for healthier hair growth

Made from all-natural Beechwood, these brushes are anti-static and will gently massage your scalp to remove dead skin cells or build up andĀ improve circulation while absorbing excess oil.

Say goodbye to bad hair days.

Start at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the scalp. It’s important to start at your ends to prevent ripping out or breaking your hair.

Enhance Your Routine


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