Experience the Ocean’s Gentle Touch with Natural Silk Facial Sponge


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USDA Organic SeaweedUSDA Organic Seaweed
Cruelty FreeCruelty Free
GMO FreeGMO Free
Gluten FreeGluten Free

Revitalize Your Skin Care Ritual with the Purest, Softest Sponges on Earth. Discover the Wonders of Natural Silk Sponges Today – Your Skin Will Thank You!

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Natural Facial Sponge From the Heart of the Ocean to the Palm of Your Hand

Our Natural Silk Sponges are the epitome of gentle touch – the softest sponges available on the market. Their organic texture creates a luxurious, pampering experience with every use, be it for cleansing, exfoliating, or makeup application and removal. These sponges not only provide an exceptional skin care routine but also infuse your skin with beneficial minerals, enhancing its natural health and glow.

Sustainably Sourced, Thoughtfully Harvested Facial Sponge

We believe in a harmonious relationship with nature. Our Natural Silk Sponges are wild harvested from the cleanest, most pristine parts of the ocean, ensuring not only their purity but also their sustainability. These renewable sources provide us with the softest, most beneficial sponges while maintaining the balance of our precious marine ecosystems.

A Safer, Kinder Choice for All

Natural Silk Sponges are not just for you. They’re safe and gentle enough for the most delicate skin, making them the perfect choice for newborn babies. By choosing our sponges, you’re moving away from synthetic alternatives and cotton balls that can be harsh on sensitive skin. This is a kinder, healthier choice for your family and the environment.

Transform Your Skin Care Routine with Natural Silk Sponges – Dive in Now!

Use to cleanse, exfoliate, apply make up, remove make up. Safe for use on newborn babies, and in place of any synthetic sponges or cotton balls.

1 review for Experience the Ocean’s Gentle Touch with Natural Silk Facial Sponge

  1. 5.0 rating based on 1 rating

    Alanna Wrock

    These sponges are the softest, most effective exfoliation I’ve ever had! They lather up so nicely, They are gentle on your skin and make nice bubbles! I bought an extra one for my husband, that i am keeping for myself!

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