Ecological Preservation – Love the Trees and Seas

If you believe ecological preservation is important, you may be curious about what is going on around you. Like many people (myself included), perhaps you get frustrated at what you find when you do some digging. You may already be an advocate for many great causes, a well-informed activist. Maybe you never let the woes of nature sink in because you feel overwhelmed by the problems out there; you just know that you don’t get a straw in your drink anymore and that’s fine with you.

Well, wherever you are at right now is OK. We just hope this helps to open you up to some of the amazing non-profits we love and support. They do some amazing stuff for Mother Earth. And after all, Earth Day is just around the corner! So, let’s take a look in honour of this giant ball that we are all riding through the universe.

Let’s start with the Ancient Forest Alliance because we are supporting them this month, and that means you are too! For the month of April, we will be donating a percent of online sales to AFA. They spend their time speaking for the trees to protect BC’s endangered old-growth forests.

Their website contains a wealth of information, including a great Q&A page that covers everything under the canopy. If you’d prefer to watch some videos instead, they also have a YouTube channel that you can learn from. At the very least, please take the time to visit their Take Action page. They have a petition you can sign to protect BC’s endangered forests. Voila! Easy peasy, couch activism!

Protecting these guys is one of the many reasons to Partner with Seaflora Skincare Inc.

The Living Oceans Society works tirelessly to take care of, yup you guessed right, the ocean! They have an annual Clean the Coast tradition that you can learn more about here if you’re interested in volunteering. From the looks of it, they have visited different locations around Northern Vancouver Island over the last few years. Road trip, anyone?

Want to help spark change when it comes to ecological preservation? They currently have a petition for the Declaration in Defense of Wild Salmon. It’s for the migration of juvenile salmon, who’s waters have become infested by salmon lice from fish farms. That means their migratory route is causing disease and death in the species. This affects both the population of salmon and other wildlife up the food chain.

Last but not least, the David Suzuki Foundation! We make a donation to every month, because of their passion for environmental activism. Among many, many other things, they work to create change for Canadian environmental laws and conservation of at-risk species. A round of applause for protecting the natural environment, and helping to create a more sustainable Canada for future generations!

Their website also provides a lot of great ideas on effective ecological preservation and how to take action for the good of the planet. The Act at Home page shares a ton of ideas for simple changes to go chemical free and reduce waste. Check out their Act Online page to see how you can enjoy some more couch activism.

Lastly, they also have an Act Locally page which is full of great ideas including their One Nature Challenge. What better way to fill some of this surreal, extra time many of us have, than by stepping outside.

It’s time to reset. We have time now to really reflect on what we want our lives to look like. What is truly important and essential to you? Create your best life amidst the chaos by finding your ideal self, and start showing up as that person everyday. Let us all take this opportunity to appreciate the companies that who are doing right by the planet and each other. Furthermore, let’s all figure out how to share that overflow with the people and planet we love.