5 Things that make Seaweed Great for Earth Day

Seaweed is the fastest-growing living organism on planet Earth. At Seaflora, we use a lot of Macrocystis, or Giant Kelp, which can grow up to 2 feet a day (61cm). This seaweed can reach over 45 meters long during its peak growing season! Many seaweeds grow at very fast rates when compared with other living organisms.

Seaweed photosynthesize much like the plants on land. So, the giant kelp beds and the seaweeds you find on the rocks at low tide turn carbon into seaweed biomass. This process is referred to as ‘Carbon Sequestration’. With the speedy growth of seaweed, these oceanic organisms suck up huge amounts of carbon! The algae in our ocean is not only helping reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, but seaweed and marine algae’s also produce more than 70% of our Earth’s oxygen.

The Kelp Beds on the Coast of BC also help create habitat for a variety of invertebrates, fish, marine mammals, and birds. Many of these animals rely on the protection of Kelp Beds to keep them safe from winter currents, predators and other dangers. Seaweed is one of the most sustainable ingredients to use in any product and a perfect spotlight for Earth Day!

Pristine Ocean Environment
The beautiful Salish Sea and sustainable harvesting grounds of Seaflora

Earth Day’s Highlight: Superfood Seaweed

Seaweed is not just a superfood, it is healthier than any land grown plant. Collecting seaweed from a clean ocean is important. They soak up all the good minerals and essential nutrients that they’re exposed to in their environment as they grow. This is what makes seaweed so good for you. Seaweed contains up to 50 minerals that your body needs to sustain a healthy internal and external balance. Eating and applying seaweed helps your skin and gut keep you healthy and happy, feeling – and looking – your best!

Year round, Seaflora works to maintain the environment in which we are so lucky to harvest and live in. We work in our building and production area to enforce composting and recycling. We maintain 100% post consumer recycled products for use in our Head Office as well as recycled packaging used for shipping. Seaflora is a green building, facing south to maximize heat from the sun and minimize the use of internal heating. We have a flat roof for solar panels as well as energy efficient lighting, with double paned windows spanning the front and sides of the building. To Celebrate Earth Day 2022, from April 14th – May 14th, Seaflora is committing to donating 3% of all online sales to the Ancient Forest Alliance which works to protect our old growth forests on Vancouver Island.