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Visiting A Spa intro

Visiting A Spa? 5 Essential Questions Your Esthetician Should Ask You

Booking a spa appointment is always exciting. Whether you’re trying a luxurious new treatment or…

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Beauty Foods

Feed Your Beauty – 8 Beauty Foods You’ll Want to Load Up On

Move over, lipstick and eyeliner: the true key to beauty is in your plate. You…

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Visiting a Spa tips

Visiting a Spa? 5 Essential Questions to Ask your Esthetician

Heading to a spa – just the idea of it brings images of fluffy robes…

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Rosacea — Abolish Rosacea in 4 Easy Steps

Abolish Rosacea – Nature’s Cure to Rosacea in 4 Easy Steps

Pretty pink cheeks are a sign of health, but what happens when rosacea takes it…

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Lips Collagen

Are Collagen Creams Worthless? Plus How to Increase Skin Collagen, Naturally

If there’s one buzz word in the beauty and wellness industry right now, it’s collagen….

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Exfoliate Better — 3 Natural Alternatives to Microbeads You’ll Want to Try Right Now

Exfoliate Better — 3 Natural Alternatives to Microbeads You’ll Want to Try Right Now

Do you exfoliate often enough? If not, you’re missing out on a seriously healthy glow….

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Beat Sunburn

Beat Sunburn This Summer – 5 Ways to Soothe Sunburn, Naturally

Beach season is finally here and with it, the return of the bummer that is sunburn….

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Girl with green eyes, healthy skin

Is There a Proper Way to Apply Eye Cream?

Fine lines and wrinkles are beautiful, but still, most of us want to keep a…

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Sleep Hacks

Trouble Sleeping? Hack your Way to Better Sleep with these 5 Easy Tricks

Most people experience poor sleep once in a while. Sleeplessness isn’t a big deal until……

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Smooth your Cellulite in 4 Easy Steps

Smooth your Cellulite Naturally with Seaweed

If you have cellulite, you’re not alone: nearly 90% of women are on your team….

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Organic Spa Magazine featuring Seaflora

Organic Spa Magazine Praises Seaflora — Read It Here

What makes the sea so healing? That’s the exact question Kristin Vukovic delves into for…

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Kenton Magazine featuring Seaflora

Check Out this Seaflora Feature in Kenton Magazine — All About the Sea Therapy Facial

Seaflora and CHI Spa at Shangri-La: A match made in spa heaven The Seaflora Sea…

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