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Gua Sha Technique, What Is Gua Sha and How To Do It

gua sha technique

Gua Sha Technique, What Is Gua Sha and How To Do It

Last week we discussed some of the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage. This week, we…

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Iridaea Exfoliator

Organic Ocean Mud Is The Perfect Sphere for Exfoliation

Seaflora incorporates hand-harvested, organic ocean mud as an environmentally safe exfoliation ingredient in several of…

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Family love organic skincare

We Absorb Up To 60% of What we Apply Topically?

If we absorb up to 60% of what we apply topically, it may be important…

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Healthy Glowing skin

Easy and Green Tweaks for a Safer Beauty Routine

Green beauty is all about being more mindful and aware when it comes to using…

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Organic, Natural, and Non-toxic Skincare

What’s the Difference Between Organic, Natural, and Non-toxic Skincare?

Why it matters, plus what you need to know If you feel like shopping for…

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International Women's Day

How You Can Make A Difference for Women this Month

We have an announcement to make in honor of International Women’s Day this week. This…

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Fragrance free skincare

Startling Study Shows Why Now is the Time to Ditch Fragrance for Good

Evidence keeps growing on the harmful effects of fragrance and perfume in personal care and…

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Spa experience candles

3 Seaweed Wrap Benefits to Elevate your Wellness

When it comes to seaweed skincare treatments, a whole body seaweed wrap is the most…

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Valentine’s Day Spa Ideas

Make this Valentine’s Day One to Remember

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and this year, why not look beyond the…

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Switch to natural skincare

Want to do the Switch to Natural Skincare?

You’ve read all about the benefits of switching to natural skincare, and you feel about…

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young girl perfect skin

A Better Face Washing Routine (Avoid these Common Mistakes!)

What could be easier and more fool-proof than washing your face? Actually, a lot. The…

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Sea Therapy and Self-Care Routines

Why Sea Therapy Should Be a Part of Your Self-Care Routine (Plus Where to Start!)

The natural skin care world is experiencing boundless growth. What this means is that new…

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