Skincare Science

The Science behind Seaflora Skincare Products

Guest Blog Author: Conner Brookes | Chemist in Victoria B.C.

About the time I started getting acne, it came to my attention that most people don’t know what they are putting on their skin, be it moisturizer, make-up or even shampoo. Like me, they have just learned from commercials and ads or other people in their lives, somewhere around puberty, that if they don’t want acne they should wash their skin. Then they go back to what has been marketed to them, combined with what is readily available and affordable at the local store and purchase, with the belief they are going to have flawless skin after using these products and that nothing harmful could possibly be in them.It’s unfortunate, but the beauty and cosmetic industry is mostly unregulated.

As a red-headed chemist, with sensitive skin, I’ve had a lot of experience with trying different skin care products. As a teenager I had even used prescribed medications from my Doctor to help with my acne. As an adult it’s become second nature to read the ingredients in the products I use, because I don’t want anything going onto my skin or into my body that will destroy my liver, burn off my freckles, or have other adverse health implications.

Seaflora Products have been my go-to choice since discovering them, for some really good reasons. Their products are the cleanest I’ve ever known and they work! There is sound science behind why they work, which I’ll get into.

Sea Spray Splash Toner

I use Sea Foam Cleansing Concentrate to wash my face and as my shaving cream. As far as what I look for in a toner, Seaflora’s toners are alcohol free and do much more than your average toner! Quickly penetrating the skin,this liquid delivers a powerful hit of hydration while helping slough dead cells off the surface. The Seaweed is packed with nutrients, and acts as a delivery system for the nutrients in the way that it opens the pores and affects the acid mantle.

Our skin has a thin, protective layer on its surface, referred to as the acid mantle. A healthy barrier is made of a combination of lipids like cholesterol, free fatty acids, and ceramides, which help to maintain the optimal amount of healthy bacterias and flora for your skin to remain balanced and protected. The barrier is strong enough to protect the skin but can easily be thrown out of balance.This free fatty acids excreted from the skin’s sebaceous glands, mixes with lactic and amino acids from sweat to create the skin’s pH. pH literally stands for”potential of hydrogen”. 

If you look at a nicotine patch or any other transdermal patch,
they often use a thin layer of seaweed (alginate) to create the delivery system, allowing deep penetration through the acid mantle and subsequently the following layers of epidermis.

When it comes to skin, pH may be one of the most important details. To work its best, the acid mantle should be slightly acidic, at a 5.5 pH balance. When it’s too alkaline, skin becomes dry and sensitive; you may develop skin conditions like eczema.

Seaflora Toner is wonderful after shaving. It perfectly balances my skin and makes it feel plump and glowing. More men should try this! What it does is, prevent shaving bumps, ingrown hairs, and acne, all while delivering a powerful cocktail of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids to your skin, a lot of which is absorbed into the blood stream.

I could talk about all the products I’ve used of Seaflora Skincare, however the two I’m focused on are the easiest for me to discuss, and are the most beneficial for anyone.

Seaweed Body Gel

The Body Gel is great for everything from eliminating cellulite to safely healing and protecting your new tattoos because it is 80% Seaweed. The Fucus (Rockweed) reduces fat cells to fight cellulite and no other plant on earth is known to do this so well.

It helps mitigate the effects of eczema by adding moisture and reducing inflammation. The nutrients in the seaweed and a little bit of glycerin and coconut oil create a powerful serum that can be used in so many ways to heal your skin’s issues naturally. The seaweeds are rich in amino acids, antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, that nourish the skin and clear detoxification pathways.

I’ve heard of women who use it as a hair mask, chiropractors who recommend it for inflamed joints, and I have it on hand all summer for sun burns and bug bites. It is antimicrobial, which means it kills micro-organisms. Natural antiseptic that kills bacteria, and other micro-organisms. It also acts as an anti-fungal and anti-viral agent while the seaweed adds vitamins and minerals along with it’s anti-inflammatory properties, helping to heal open wounds, sunburns, bite bites, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and the like. There is no product out there like it and I feel sad for anyone who has yet to discover it.