Self-Care Rituals at Home

Self-Care Rituals to Improve Your Health

People are waking up to the importance of a healthy lifestyle, more nutrient dense foods, and the power of exercise. Spas, health retreats, yoga ashrams… there are so many places you can go to rejuvenate and up your health game. But what about your daily wellness practice? Making time and space for self-care in your daily life is an important part of holistic health and well-being. Read on to discover tips for better self-care rituals you can do at home!

We get it, sometimes the day just gets away from you. Get up, have breakfast, head to work, and before you know it you’re going to bed that night and realizing there was no time for self-care. So, put time aside in your schedule and stick to it! Try and explore what works best for you. Early morning? Some time in the afternoon? Later in the evening? Find out – and make it happen!

Take some time to discover what type of self-care rituals are most meaningful for you. It could be anything from a nice soak in the bath, to a short nap, a few asanas, to an invigorating run. It’s easy to get caught up in the trends, but remember that this is about you! Everyone is unique. That means zero guilt if your version of self-care involves dancing to your favorite tunes rather than, say, 15 minutes of mindfulness meditation.

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Commit to Yourself

Committing yourself to a daily self-care practice means you’ll have to say no to other things. Learning to say no can be hard! There’s no way around it though. That’s where having a special time carved out for your self-care routine comes really handy. It’s already scheduled, so you can wo the other activities and daily chores and invitations around it.

Here’s what this means: focus on your daily approach to wellness. A one-week yoga retreat and juice cleanse once a year does sound like a blissful plan, but it doesn’t replace a solid, regular commitment to better self-care rituals at home. It doesn’t have to be every day. Just find a practice that fits into your life and keep the ball rolling.

Once you’ve set a time, identified your bliss-inducing picks, said no to other things to make time for self-care, and got into the habit of nurturing your wellness on a regular basis, what’s left to do? Making sure you have the right gear on hand to indulge well, and indulge often. For example, if you’re into a daily run, gear up with comfy running shoes and sports bra (or a few!) If you’re into yoga, you should load up on great yoga equipment like bolsters and straps so you can take your practice to the next level. If you’re into luxurious soaks and an exquisite beauty routine, keep your favorite products on hand so you don’t run out (hop over to Seaflora for inspiration!)

Picking up a regular wellness routine you can do at home is essential when you’re committed to living a healthier, happier life. Follow these tips and see your self-care rituals blossom – you’re welcome!