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Beechwood Dry Brush ‘Energy’



Plastic free, high quality and sustainable wooden dry brush, with detachable hand held head. Use Seaflora’s dry brush to removes layers of dead skin and increase blood flow and energy.

Regular use reduces or manages stress, boosts immune system, tightens the skin and reduces loose skin. If you are ready to improve skin “glow” and reduce cellulite, improve Keratosis Pilaris, detox the lymphatic system, and stimulate hormone and oil-producing glands, this is the brush for you!

Begin brushing at the feet and work your way up to the stomach, chest, arms, and back. The most important thing to remember when brushing is to use just enough pressure. Brushing should be hard but soft as a general rule.

Brushing is not the same as scrubbing, so pay attention to how your skin looks after a dry brushing session. If dry brushing is done correctly, the skin will appear flushed rather than red or inflamed. Depending on one’s own tastes, dry brushing might last anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes.


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