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Why You Need to Prep Your Skin for Winter Now

Every year, you prepare for the winter months by clearing out the closet of your light summery clothes, by unpacking the boots, jackets, and wool mittens from storage, and by switching out the tires on your car. But are you forgetting a very important thing – like your skin?

For anyone who suffers from dry skin throughout the year, winter is game time. But even if your skin stays in the comfy normal range, you’ll want to start prepping your skin for winter now. Read on to learn how you can upgrade your skincare routine (and life!) to be fully ready for the onslaught of blizzards, wind, and dry indoor heat.

What’s wrong with winter?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with winter per se, but what’s wrong is what it does to your skin! Why? Think harsh elements outside (namely, cold) combined with a blast of hot air from the indoor heat inside your home, your car, and your office – and your skin basically never gets a break. No matter your skin type, it’s highly likely that you’ll suffer from drier skin during the winter months. So what can you do?

Upgrade your skincare routine

Simple tweaks are all it takes to regain control over your winter skin woes.

  • Switch up your cleansing regimen

Your face wash should be gentle and creamy. To prep your skin for winter, you want a cleanser that doesn’t leave your face feeling tight and dry (try this one!)

Top tips: If you usually go for the face cleanser 2X/day, try going for just once

  • Ease up on the scrub

We’re no strangers to the merits of exfoliation, but when it comes to getting your skin ready for winter, you might want to slow down the exfoliation routine. Why? Because harsh elements make your skin more sensitive. The takeaway? If you want to keep up your exfoliation game, you can go for an extra gentle exfoliant (like this one) so you can keep your glow on, the gentle way.

Top tips: Avoid harsh peels and chemical exfoliants, as well as glycolic acid

  • Layer up

The same way you layer your clothes to stay warm and cozy, in the winter you want to layer your skincare products like a pro so you can keep your skin healthy and glowing. If you neglect the serums and eye creams the rest of the year, pick up the slack now. Post-cleanser, apply a high-potency serum (like this one), and follow with a deeply moisturizing face cream (try this).

Top tips: Seek out products that contain collagen-boosting active ingredients

Winter-proof your lifestyle

There’s more you can do to keep your skin healthy during the winter months. Start here.

Clear your skincare and beauty products of artificial fragrances. Make the switch to essential oils, or naturally fragrance-free products – you’ll never turn back!

Up your water intake. Keep your skin moisturized from the inside out!

Go easy on the make-up, or switch to mineral-based, natural make-up that lets your skin breathe! What’s more, make sure to cleanse like a pro in the evening to remove all traces of make-up before going to sleep.

Prime your skin for optimal hydration levels with a healthy diet rich in good fats and essential fatty acids (like the ones in wild salmon, hemp seeds, and coconut oil).

Make time for enough sleep! Your skin (and whole body, basically!) rejuvenates and renews itself during restful sleep. It’s normal to be more tired and sleepy during the dark, cold winter, so don’t fight the urge – your skin will than you!

This winter, pay attention to your skin. Tuning in to the seasons and how we can shift our routine accordingly is an old practice, and one that helps us be more present in the moment. And as a bonus, you’ll get healthier, more glowing skin.