Rosacea — Abolish Rosacea in 4 Easy Steps

Nature’s Cure to Rosacea in 4 Easy Steps

Pretty pink cheeks are a sign of good health, but what happens when rosacea becomes severe? Rosacea usually doesn’t appear before age 30 and can run in families. It’s most common in people who blush or flush easily and develops gradually as we mature. This super common skin concern can be especially challenging because it affects the way your face looks. Whether you already suffer from rosacea or want to make sure it never happens to you, read on to learn about natures cure to rosacea in four easy steps.

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. It is non-contagious and usually progresses slowly in affected people. Women tend to be affected by rosacea more often than men. How do you know if you have rosacea?

Rosacea Symptoms

  • Redness

Red patches and general redness are the most obvious and common symptoms of rosacea

  • Swollen, bumpy skin

Inflamed bumps and pimples can also appear in the face

  • Visible blood vessels

In rare cases, rosacea can also affect the nose and the eyes.

What causes Rosacea?

While there is no known cause for rosacea, we believe the condition is due to a blend of both heredity and environmental factors. This means that you’re more prone to rosacea if it already affects someone in your family. That being said, there are known triggers for rosacea.

Avoid these rosacea triggers:

  • Hot, spicy foods
  • Too much sun exposure
  • Excessive wind or cold temperature
  • High intensity workouts
  • Stress
  • Harsh skincare products

Naturally treat Rosacea with these 4 easy steps:

  • Watch your diet

Keep a food journal and identify your personal rosacea triggers. Here are some common food triggers for rosacea: coffee, alcohol (especially red wine), spicy foods. Rosacea might be worsened by inflammation caused by food sensitivities, so paying extra attention to your diet can help keep rosacea at bay

  • Combat inflammation

According to the Canadian Dermatology Association, rosacea is linked to inflammation in the body. Seaweed, turmeric, ginger, chaga mushrooms, apple cider vinegar, ganja, goji berries and pretty much all green vegetables are the top inflammation fighters – use them as whole foods or supplements.

  • De-stress

You guys, the mind-body connection is real! Learn ways to manage your emotions and keep stress levels down. Learning to relax, sync brain hemospheres, and breathing techniques that tune the body will soothe rosacea symptoms, along with just generally improving your life. Try a gentle yoga practice, daily walks, and calming herbs like chamomile and valerian root.

  • Up your skincare game

Using the wrong skincare products is a huge no-no when it comes to rosacea. Harsh soaps and highly scented lotions can worsen symptoms. That’s why it’s essential that you choose gentle skincare formulas that promote healing and nourish the skin and body.

How do you choose the right Skincare for Rosacea?

A growing number of rosaceans prefer natural products and remedies rather than prescription treatments. The most useful herbs to treat rosacea are: liquorice, feverfew, green tea, oatmeal, lavender, chamomile, tea tree oil, camphor oil.

Nutritional foods and supplements that naturally treat rosacea: kelp, aloe, niacin, apple cider vinegar, burdock, flaxseed, sea buckthorn, red clover, rose hip oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, Co Enzyme Q10.

Seaflora’s Cure for Rosacea in 4 Easy Steps:

This gentle seaweed-packed formula will cleanse your skin and calm irritation. Added clover and dandelion are excellent for treating rosacea.

Re-mineralize, soothe and hydrate your skin with this viscous balancing and brightening toning essence.

Combat redness with this cooling masque designed for sensitive skin and offering 3 types of Vitamin C.

Hydrate and protect your skin with this soothing lotion, rich in niacin and vitamin C, the micro-circulation will help repair broken blood vessels.

Don’t let rosacea get you down – start preventing it today!