Winter Skincare Rituals

How to Hygge your Skincare Rituals this Winter

Are you familiar with the Danish concept of hygge?

The intentional practice of hygge is something Danes are famous for. A crackling fireplace, a steaming mug of tea, soft, well-worn linens…

The hygge trend has taken over the world of food (hello, fragrant spiced wine) and design (I’m looking at you, fluffy sheep skins!) and we’re all the better for it.

But that leaves out an important part of your life: your daily self-care routine.

It’s time to hygge the heck out of your skincare!

Curious about what that means? Read on and follow our fool-proof, step-by-step guide to better hygge skincare rituals this winter.

Why hygge your skincare?

We all have daily skincare rituals, whether it’s a quick refresh with a face cloth in the morning or an elaborate multi-step routine.

We know that caring for our skin is important and feel the difference when we use well-formulated skincare products that are right for us. But no matter our intentions, most of us are guilty of rushing through our skincare routine sometimes, or of doing it as a chore instead of a special moment we truly enjoy and savor.

The daily moments we carve out for taking care of our skin are the perfect occasion to relax and be intentional. To hygge your skincare is to make it a practice of self-care and to bring more awareness and gratitude to it.

So how can you do that?

First, you’ll want to set some time aside for your hygge skin routine. It could be as short as five minutes, or as long as an hour! (Or a whole afternoon… why not? That’s what colder, darker winter weekend days are made for.)

It’s important that you don’t feel rushed so you can relax more and linger if you find your happy place. If you plan for five minutes, that’s fine – make it a leisurely five minutes!

Set the scene

Light some candles if you want, put on some tunes. You might want to change into comfy clothes, too. Like essential oils? Fire up the diffuser! Prefer to burn sage? Go ahead.

Relax your body

Learning to relax your body is an important step. Some light stretching can be useful, as well as some gentle movement like dancing or some relaxing yoga poses. Bringing awareness into the body through gentle movement helps to be more present in the moment.

Nourish your skin

Hygge is all about nurturing. What does that mean for your skin? For starters, gentle cleansers that don’t strip away moisture rather than harsh ones that leave your skin feeling tight and uncomfortable. (Try our pH balanced, alcohol-free cleanser here.)

It means nourishing masques that fully address your specific skin conditions (like this one for rosacea or this one for acne) and soothe your skin effectively. It also means taking the time to leave a masque on long enough to work its magic! Extra points if you skip the mindless scrolling and enjoy a few minutes of mindful being while your masque is on doing its thing.

If you’re into baths, you can hygge your skincare by adding active nutrients into the water for indulgent soaking. Ideas? Add a cup of herbal tea, a handful of sea salt, or some dried rose petals for better, more hygge soaks. (Or even better, try our seaweed and sea salt blend here.)

Everyday hygge

To hygge your skincare every day, follow these simple guidelines.

Keep your skincare products simple and wholesome.

Avoid harmful chemicals commonly found in skincare.

Choose organic for your body and the earth.

Don’t pick products based on trends or celebrity endorsements: pick ones that are right for you.

See your beauty when you look in the mirror.

Love your skin with high-quality, well-formulated products.

Simplify your skincare routine by using active products that yield big results.

Take time to enjoy yourself while you care for your body.