Energy Work in the Spa Industry

Energy Work in the Spa Industry

It might not surprise you to learn that most self-care service providers and spa workers are empaths. An empath has the ability to pick up on the “vibe” and feelings of others outside of their own energy bubble. This gives them the potential to actually sense and feel emotions as if they’re part of their own experience. In the spa and wellness industry, this can be a huge advantage!

‘Energy Work’ has become a more popular term in the last few years, but its still not widely understood. In this blog, we’ll cover all you need to know about your energy, how to preserve it and how energy work is used throughout the spa and wellness industry.

Energy Work in the Spa Industry
Is it true all trees are connected and talk to each other in a frequency outside of our human perception?

We are All Energetic Beings – What you Need to Know about Energy Work

Have you ever walked into a room and felt an atmosphere? Turned your head and discovered someone staring at you? How about being near someone that drains you or changes your mood without saying a word? If you are answering yes to any of these, you have experience with your body’s energy systems. Without realizing it, we can exchange, attract or deflect our energy onto other people and our surroundings.

As humans, our complex energies can shift week by week, day by day, hour by hour, even thought by thought! We have an incredible range of emotions that reflect our what we are thinking moment by moment. So many in fact, they become so complex, that we sometimes lack words to describe our emotions.

Everyone is going through something we cannot see. Empaths are able to sense, empathize and in time usually develop tools to hold space and focus their energy on healing and aiding to rebalance their clients, friends and/or family.

A good spa treatment won’t just leave you feeling physically healed, it should also leave you feeling mentally rebalanced and re-energized. I love it when a practitioner says things like, “I invite you to enjoy this massage” when she can sense that I am tense, nervous, or simply not letting myself relax and enjoy the moment.

Understanding Our Energy

Although the idea of Spirituality may vary between cultures and beliefs, the premise of most of these beliefs are the same; everything in the universe is made of source energy. Taking this perspective into account, all things have energy. Humans have energy that expands out and is most often referred to as an “Aura” or “Spirit”.

You may have heard the expression, “You get what you think about!”. That’s because your energy, holds a vibrational frequency, and it is perpetually attracting energies on the same frequency. Thoughts, create energy. Energy creates momentum. How good is your focus? How quickly are you bringing experiences into your life?

If you believe, there are only 2 possible bases for any thought, Love or Fear. We all talk about unconditional love, however practising unconditional love means, no matter the conditions, choosing love-based thoughts!

Example: Wayne Dyer Orange Analogy:
When you squeeze an orange, you only ever get orange juice. No matter how hard you squeeze it, only orange juice comes out. The reason is because, that’s what is inside!

So my question is, what do friends, co-workers, and clients get when they squeeze you? They get whatever is inside. Luckily, if you don’t like what’s inside you can change it. The Law of Motion states once an object is in motion, it will stay in motion. It also states that all forces are¬†interactions¬†between different bodies, or different regions within one body, and thus that there is no such thing as a force that is not accompanied by an equal and opposite force.

If you don’t like how you are feeling, change what you are thinking about. It is that simple! You have the ability to choose better feeling thoughts. The more you practise good feeling thoughts, the more momentum you will build on feeling good. The more often you feel good, the more often you will have pleasant experiences and attract people, places and things of the same high vibrational frequency.

How can you Protect Your Energy?

Step 1

Start wherever you are on your journey. Take a deep breath and slow your mind down. The key to this first stage is getting comfortable, “because once the shoe fits the foot is forgotten”. Breathe deeply to move out stale old energy and breath in fresh new energy to slow your thoughts to a point where you can observe them without reacting and let them go, one at a time.

Step 2

Detach from all negative energies, and call all of your energy back to you from where ever it is now. Focus on this moment right now, and find good feeling thoughts of being whole and in control of all of who you are. Focus on good feeling thoughts… and then imagine a white light coming into your body starting from the crown of your head moving down to your feet.

Step 3

Once energy is created it cannot be undone, it can only transform. So imagine the white light is filling in any dark spaces and shadows as you let it flow from the crown of your head down through your limbs, washing down your body and flowing out through your feet. There are many meditations that can be found online, but these are the basic steps.

Step 4

Once you have cleaned your energy, try to visualize a golden orb surrounding you. Extending about 3 feet out from your physical body. This orb is what you will visualize protecting your energetic field. Wearing crystals like Amethyst can deflect negative energy, Quartz and other semi-precious stones may be useful as well.

Visualization and Intention are excellent tools in energy work to develop when working with your energy, or with energetic beings. Thoughts are things! Truly, each individual thought we think holds energy, and once you think it, momentum ensues, and the energy grows as you focus on any thought. This is often referred to as “manifesting”.

Step 5

If you can bring your energy into perfect harmony, in other words into ‘Alignment’, the client’s energy now has an opportunity to come into alignment with you and resonate. Universal law states like attracts like. So, the more often you find good feeling thoughts and things to appreciate, the more you will raise your vibration, which will help protect you from negative energy. It will also help you attract like-minded clients and people that resonate with you.

The laws of physics that rule music are the same laws that rule the rest of the universe. When you play a C chord on the piano and you have a guitar tuned to the C chord across the room, you will hear the strings hum. This is called resonance.

If you want to know what you are resonating with, simply look at the clients/people showing up in your experience. Instead of blaming negative, angry or ungrateful clients/people you can realize that just because you’re empathic doesn’t mean you have to resonate with them, you have the power to get into alignment and lead the way by example.

Uniforms in the Spas

We understand as a society that colours represent emotions and can have an effect on us, so choosing your colours is important. But what about the fabric? Polyester is a good fabric to avoid not only because it is bad for the earth, but because it is also bad for people. It doesn’t breath, which means your body is not getting as much oxygen and can cause blocked pores, it can cause rashes and seep micro plastics into your skin. On top of all the other cons, using polyester means your uniforms won’t have a long shelf life. With more places catering to more natural options, it is important to source clothing and uniforms that reflect your values.


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